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According to Tom Perls (2015), Women live longer than men, women can live more longer five to ten years, also which mean that among people who are over of 100 years old, 85 percent are women. It is a truth of life that men have many physical benefits over women that is weight, height, stamina and speed. Moreover, all these benefits don’t mean that men come to long life. For the actual reason, women are more take care of themselves than men, the reason are both behavioral and biological.

In today’s association, Gender refers to social aspects of being a man or a woman such as stress, opportunity and social expectations. However, women can live longer than men by following theory and statement as shown in below.It is known that women eat more healthily, drink a smaller amount of alcohol and smoke and they tend to take care of their bodies. That could be the reason why women are healthier than men. Women visit doctor more often than men and they obtain more illness. Moreover, men have higher death rates of lung cancer and emphysema, all based on the men who smoke cigarettes than men according to Walton I, Johnston S, 1976.According to Professor Sachdev, by looking other of the animals like rats or chimpanzees – female have more benefit than males.”A female rat in a laboratory will live longer than males.

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For example, the honeybee of female or worker lives a relatively long life whereas the male counterparts only live for a day or two, with the fast purpose of mating with the queen bee, and this is a true of a number of other species as well.” (Sachdev PS, 2017)In today’s association, comparison of the death rates of men and women, men are higher than females at all ages, by looking the stages of life, for those who are between 15 and 24 years, most of the male mortalities are caused by careless behavior or violence for example, accidents of motor vehicles are the most common happen in male in this age group as well having some diseases, respiratory cancers, drowning, cirrhosis of the liver, homicide and suicide. each of these causes of death are related to behaviors. Additionally, young men are more likely to do dangerous jobs, got into more fights, to do dangerous sports and activity, and were more likely to go to war.

All this could lead to life shortening death or trauma. Meanwhile, most retired women are doing such a cleaning house, cooking, shopping and washing dishes and most of the times are spent on the family and homes, so by keeping active helps women live longer than men. By looking up the biological way, there is a genetic component gap between female and male which is the X chromosome according to Alberts and some other researchers, 2016. Moreover, the X chromosome in women have one more than men while men only have one. Additionally, to recompense for any gene in that single chromosome, the X chromosome in men may not be enough which called testosterone storm. There is another reason, which is the common heart diseases that prior in men as disparate to female.

Whereas, when menstruation happened in women they have transformations of cardiovascular cells which respond to heart diseases. Also, Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt (2016) expressed that numerous of men usually don’t take care themselves even though women take care themselves a lot.

Furthermore, men don’t go to the doctor as often as women do. In addition, Brahmbhatt (2016) assumed that “Men simply don’t prioritize their health”.In general, all humans can live up to 100 years and genetics is the only reason that can only affect the life span.

These are the main impact like environment, lifestyle, personal relationship and also medical illness. Moreover, women have a long-life expectancy than men in some reason which mention in above statement, biological way and theories.


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