According for both The Demon and The Joker

According to the book Looking at Movies: an introduction to film it states that a “The horror genre was born out of a cultural need to confront and vicariously conquer something frightening that we do not fully comprehend.” (Barsam and Monaham) After studying both villains from the films, It Follows and Batman the Dark Knight. We see how both The Demon and The Joker are the similar but so very different. The villain The Demon comes from a film classified as horror, while The Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight: Rises is in the movie is classified as an action. A good case in point on how both villains are the same is they both have unknown origins.Where do the roots for both The Demon and The Joker begin? Who are they? From where do they come? At what point in time did they both become a villain? Why did they choose to become a villain? Was it by choice they became a villain? Why do they decide to do the things they do? What are their superpowers or specialty?Both of the villains are from two different worlds; The Demon comes from the supernatural world which already is creepy.

Because it is hard to kill something that is already dead and only those that have the curse can see The Demon and fear it. Whereas The Joker is from the physical world, where the whole world can see him, hear him, touch him, but most of all fear him. To everyone’s knowledge, the origins of both The Demon and The Joker are unknown to us, while The Demon is in the demonic role as a villain. Not enough information is established regarding The Demon or wherever The Demon started off from, yet again The Demon is probably the result of suffering that was awakened through some mysterious development. May someone and somewhere sacrificed a chicken to curse a scorned lover, and any individual who carries on this dilemma will be stalked endlessly by The Demon until The Demon kills him or her. In the film, everyone knows the curse is handed to someone else by having sex with another person, but if that person was to be murdered, The Demon would go back to stalking the previous person who held the curse. Then there is The Demon that will start killing its way backward through its list of victims in the order The Demon was passed down. Only the individuals who have been affected by the curse can see The Demon even after having passed the curse on to the new victim.

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“In this film you get this terrible thing happening, it happens to you because of sex,” (Mitchell) but he also goes on to say, “The rules trickle in throughout the film,” (Mitchell) and “They’re not deliberate in the same clear way as some films. They exist, but some are harder to decipher than others.” (Mitchell)But after looking closely, The Demon appears to be clumsy, slow, probably smelly from peeing on itself. But The Demon looks like it can think just a little bit because where else would it get the idea to shape change so it can sneak up on the person it is about to kill? The way it hunts its prey The Demon does have an idea of what of cruelty is. The way it taunts its victim even if The Demon is naked most of the time.


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