According one of the frequently-visited provinces in the

According to Jon (2018), Bulacan it is one of the frequently-visited provinces in the Philippines for its wondrous beauty and proximity to the city.

Located at the northern part of the National Capital Region, Bulacan is a city found at the heart of the Central Luzon region. With its vast land area and their colorful culture, there are many places and activities you can try out. Before the Spaniards arrival and occupation in the Philippines, Bulacan was an area of scattered barangays headed by chieftains, whose names were dubbed with “Gat” in their names. Early settlers of the Bulacan province were known for their qualities such as honesty, peace-lovingness, and industriousness. These early settlers have made a living out of the industries present during that time such as fishing, farming, and handicrafts. Given that it has stood as a silent witness of many historical events, there are also places and landmarks in the province that have done the same.

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The most popular among these is the Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan—which is considered as one of the manifestations of the rich cultural heritage of the province. Barasoain Church was birthplace of the First Constitutional Democracy in Asia. Considering its proximity to the country’s National Capital Region, Bulacan is continuously industrializing. As a matter of fact, Bulacan is gradually becoming home to sprouting industrial plants for businesses such as agriculture, agribusiness, cement-making, construction, food processing, furniture, and the like. Aside from the sprouting industries, another source of income for many Bulakenyos is their tourism industry.

Being home to many wonderful, accessible and very affordable resorts and hotels, it is no wonder why. Listed below are some of the most popular resorts and hotels in the province.According to Arthur Catanghal (2018), For Filipinos, summer will not be complete without going on an outing, either with family or with friends. With the warm weather, the most popular outing activity is to go swimming either in the gorgeous Philippine beaches or in the numerous resorts. According to Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort (2018), Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort is a perfect place for extraordinary adventure seekers. Everyone will surely enjoy the variety of amenities they offer, such as slides, underwater helmet diving and fish spa. Different occasions such as i reunions and group outings are best celebrated at Cool waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort, since they can accommodate a large number of people.

With these, one must consider this resort if he or she is looking for a good resort anytime and not only during summer. According to Amana Waterpark (2018), Amana Waterpark, being one of the best resorts in Bulacan in terms of its amenities, customer service, comfort, convenience, and of course, rate gives you an unforgettable experience. Definitely, you will make the most out of your money. This resort offers a variety of amenities, including a 3,500 sq.

meter wave-pool with 13 different kinds of waves, life-sized characters all over the resort, horseback riding, picnic groves, souvenir shops, and cottages. Truly, everyone in the family will find the right kind of adventure and relaxing activity that they will enjoy. According to The Grass Garden Resort and Villas (2018), The Grass Garden Resort and Villas is a perfect place for relaxation, outings, reunions and recreational activities. Having a beautifully-landscaped surrounding, everyone will surely enjoy their stay and will have unforgettable moments with their family and friends. According to Big Rock Farm Resort (2018), Big Rock Farm Resort is located at Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan. It is named after the barangay where it is located (Brgy. Coral na Bato). It was not built originally for commercial purposes, hence giving you the privacy feels that you would not get from a fully commercialized resort.

Why not consider this resort if you want a ‘private’ resort experience?According to La Florentina Resort (2018), La Florentina Resort is a good place for families and friends if they want to unwind, relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Situated in the middle of Bonga Menor, Bustos, Bulacan, La Florentina Resort is easy to access. This resort, opened only last May 2017 has 100 nipa cottages, 12 villas where guests can stay, an Olympic-size adult pool, a kiddie pool, a colorful playground pool, a playground and a food hub.


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