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According to (F.Cascio, 2016) there are five types of the technologies that are processing the foundation of global business and organizations: that are cloud and mobile computing, big data and machine learning, sensor and intelligent manufacturing, advance robotics and drones and clean energy technologies. These types of the technologies are not only helping the human beings to do the things better and faster, but they are providing a good profound change in the way of work done in a business organization. Furthermore, as “together these innovations are hurtling us towards a new industrial revolution, savvy corporate leaders know they must either figure out how these technologies will transform their business or face disruption by other who figure it out first” (Murray A. 2015, P.

6 (F.Cascio, 2016)). These combinations of information technology are changing work and organization in a new kind of world, “one that is a hyper connected and data saturated, a world where an internet of everyone is linked to internet of everything” (Wooldridge 2015, p. 29 (F.Cascio, 2016)).

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Information technology has their effect on work and organization over the past several decades which we can see in different way. Technological change has great impact on business organization and the work force in today’s business field. Whereas innovation in technology change in internal environment as well as external environment of the organization. Work done by many employees is replaced by the electronic technological system like computer, smart phone and so on. And external environment of business organization is changing through different modes of transportation. In an organization work is defined as the application of human, informational, physical and other source to produce goods or services as per the requirement that satisfy consumer Alter 2013 (F.Cascio, 2016).

Technology may change to get work done with and across the organization effectively and efficiently. The term technology is changing work and organization is highly and related to organizational psychology and organizational behavior. The effect of technology on work and organizations are categorized on three eras according to their valuable core technological infrastructure.

These eras are divided into three parts agriculture eras, the industrial era and the digital era. These eras are affected to know about new information and technology that requires to enable new economic structure, social revaluation, cultural transformation and the various work models. Agricultural era in the past time people used to focus on power of natural elements like wind and water where most important resources where land, livestock and agriculture implements. In the industrial era material civilization was replaced by increasing productivity of the physical spaces and the relationship among manufacturers, distributers and consumers were changed in industrial societies. Finally, in the digital era people used to focusing on trading their business via digitalized data, information and knowledge. This era is the formation of communication technology which is different than above two eras. In this era people find new way of controlling, coordinating and collaborating on their work done. In this digital era most of the work done through electronic technology and infrastructure which makes the work done easier and faster in an organization.

Due to advance of information technology and communication technology it has enabled the scope of human activity to expand in electronic system that changes in the economic activity of the organization. Furthermore, business organizations are developing new rules and policies about using blogs and social networks such as Facebook outside of work which affect employee perception of trust and loss of personal control (McNall ; Stanton 2011 (F.Cascio, 2016). Due to the information technology organization are saving the time as work done by employees through advance technologies.


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