According same natural resources that I had. According

According to, “there are about 7 billion people on earth.

In order to support all of these people, we need to take care of our environment.”Currently, there are many teen activists who are doing just that. One such teen is Clay McMullen. Another group of teen activists working to save the environment is the “Inconvenient Youth”. They are both doing their part to protect the planet.According to,, Even though he is only in high school, Clay McMullen has done a lot to protect the environment.

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“I think we can provide an example to show that can be active and try to contribute and make difference.” he said. Clay’s projects include building nesting landings for osprey (an endangered bird), starting nature clubs for students in the West Geauga district two elementary schools, planting vegetable gardens and courtyards at his middle school and high school, and getting emission-control devices installed on nearly two dozen buses in the school district.

He estimates that he has spent 2,000 hours on environmental causes since the seventh grade.”It’s worth it. I want these natural resources to be preserved,” he said. “I want my kids to have the same natural resources that I had.   According to, www.mnn.

com, “At the 2010 U.S Social Forum, 20,00 teen activists met in Detroit to share their opinions on the environment.” For example, 18 year old Tiffany Ng of The Common Association of San Francisco. They call themselves “The Green Teens”. Everywhere you turn, there is a great story about a teen leading her family, school or community towards environmental and social awareness. No doubt about it, today’s teens are more plugged in to eco-issues than ever before.

Thanks to the Internet and other forms of social media, teens have found an instant platform to help them make a difference. According to,, “Littering, and recycling are a problem, but many young people, including, Clay McMullen and the teens of “Inconvenient Youth,” help pursue environmental social justice issues to stop the problem.

When people litter it’s bad for the environment.” All of the dirt that garbage turns into can cause sickness in people and animals, people produce the garbage in the air, and animals can eat the garbage and the animal can get a sickness that the garbage brings,  Should we litter or throw away?


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