According including improper poultry handling as well

According to the FDA the underliningcause of the outbreak is still unknown today. The FDA had conducted a tracebackon multiple ingredients to find the source. They were unsuccessful as theystated that a traceback could be difficult with Mexican-style foods becausethey are often complex dishes containing multiple ingredients (FDA, 2016). TheFDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as state andlocal officials are investigating two separate outbreaks of E. coli 026infections that have been connected to food being served at Chipotle MexicanGrill restaurants in many states. It was the largest E.

coli outbreak that hadaffected 55 people in eleven different states (FDA, 2015). Chipotle had totemporarily close 43 of its restaurants along Washington and Oregon state for adeep cleaning after more customers grew ill. At least 80 college students atBoston College were affected by the outbreak.

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The burrito restaurant alsoappeared to have two health violations including improper poultry handling aswell as having employees work while being sick (Washington Post, 2015). The FDAhad conducted an investigation and confirmed that the two outbreaks in thePacific Northwest including Washington and Oregon were in connection with oneanother. Chipotlecustomers were disappointed to know that the food they’re eating couldpotentially make them sick.

The restaurant chain has been quite popular inrecent years and is very well known among millennials, blue-collar workers, andfamilies because it’s a quick and easy meal you can take to go and guaranteesits customers of high quality Mexican-inspired cuisine. Chris Collins fromPortland, Oregon who was interviewed by Bloomberg Business Magazine had been amongstthe 55 people who were affected by the E. coli outbreak. He had to behospitalized and stated, ” I trusted they were providing me  ‘food with integrity,'” sarcastically statingthe companies motto. He went on to say, “We fell for their branding.” Hementioned that he felt irritated by Chipotle’s public stance during theoutbreak.

After temporarily closing 43 of its restaurants along the Washingtonand Oregon state, notices on restaurant doors stated that there had beenproblems with the supply chain or equipment. Local media had reported that onerestaurant in Portland had posted a note on its doors that read, “Don’tpanic…order should be restored to the universe in the very near future.”Collins thought that it felt so snarky. He went on to say that “People coulddie from this, and they were so smug,” (Bloomberg, 2015).

Today, less and lesspeople associate Chipotle with being healthy. Chipotle is well known for “freshand healthy” marketing and delivering meals that are unprocessed, free ofantibiotics, and GMOs. Doug Powell, a retired food-safety professor, stated,”They were paying attention to all that stuff, but they weren’t payingattention to microbial safety,” (Bloomberg, 2015). Afterfacing harsh criticism and to prevent another outbreak from occurring Chipotlewill be changing its cooking methods. Stating that onions will be dipped inboiling water to kill germs before they’re chopped, raw chicken will bemarinated in re-sealable plastic bags instead of being placed in bowls, and cilantrowill be added to freshly cooked rice so that the heat gets rid of the microbesin the garnish (Chicago Tribune, 2015). On the Today Show Steve Ellis,Chipotle’s founder and co-chief executive, apologized to the individuals thathad been affected by the outbreak and announced that they will be starting anew food-safety program that will go beyond the food industry norm.

They willbe changing the way they prepare food stating that they will shift more foodpreparation out of restaurants and into centralized kitchens 


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