accommodate make changes to the workplace to facilitate

accommodate his disability. For every task in an organization, there is a profession which is uniquely fit to it. Every employee has something valuable to contribute, and each employee has his owns skills to be part in a particular role but when it comes to disable employee some employers might have trouble how to accommodate his disability.If the employer isn’t prepared to adapt the working environment to accommodate a disabled employee in their business.

They might not have the tools that are required to welcome the disabled employee when such illness or disease occurs. If the employee becomes disables during employment, the employer should make reasonable amendments to the workplace or working conditions to help the employee to stay in work. Amendments should be provided according to the needs of the employee like changes in work premises, work schedules, modifying equipment or providing training.

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TO ACCOMMODATE MUSHTAQ IN THE WORKING ENVIRONMENT THE STEPS SHOULD BE TAKEN ARE AS FOLLOWS1. SHOW SUPPORT: – The employer should create an environment that is supportive and caring to establish emotional and social support for Mushtaq and also offer him assistance with medical expenses2. MODIFICATION OF WORKPLACE: – The employer should need to make changes to the workplace to facilitate mustaq from his degenerative optical disease by Increase lighting or use alternative sources of lighting, Use large fonts, Send electronic communications when appropriate, use accessible labels such as large print or tactile dots on equipment, tools, and documents, Use e-mail and/or voicemail instead of hand-written notes, Be flexible when assigning job tasks and etc.3. WORKING ARRANGEMENTS AND WORKLOAD: The employer should change the working condition and workload for mustaq such as a) Change of working hours.b) Providing him time off to attend treatment.c) Help with transport to and from work.d) Provide additional training or instruction to help him through his disability.

e) Provide a mentor or be a mentor to help him with his workload.f) Provide alternative work or organize his workload according to his capabilities.Hiring the right person is important for the success of an organization and that’s why HR manager went through the different process just to hire the right employee because no one wants to hire the wrong person for a job which will only lead to energy drains and time and can cost an organization in a number of ways So before hiring an applicant for a job position, an H.R manager goes through a step-by-step hiring process which are as follows1) ANALYSE YOUR COMPANY’S CULTURE: – To hire the best people you need to know what your organization needs.

Its mission and vision? What are its values? What type of individuals fit in? By finding a Career-oriented person who is best fit for the job.2) PREPARE INTERVIEWS: One of the best way H.R manager can improve hiring process would be by implementing different methodologies that can provide much clearer picture of the applicant that whether they are qualified to the job for which the company is hiring or not, and it goes deeper than looking at a person’s resume because the best-qualified candidates on paper may not be the best for the job.

As an H.R manager, ask about candidate’s ambitions and interest, ask for references, do a background check and etc.3) DETERMINE STRENGTHS NEEDED FOR THE POSITION Hiring someone to do a job H.

R manager needs to determine whether the candidate will stay motivated, even the job required to perform the same task over and over again because if the employee unable to perform under stress, despite having a brilliant cv then they are not a good fit for the job, And shouldn’t be hireBy looking at the above hiring process, being an H.R manager I would hire Ali as he is best suited for the job which required dynamic strength, dynamic flexibility, and stamina rather than moeed who would be a better fit for a job which required brain work.It’s never too easy being a mom trying to balance both full-time job and a family life.

That’s why most working mother, part time work would be their ideal work situation that can make their lives easier. After all it great to know that there’s such variety of work flexibility choices out there that can give them greater control over when, where and how often they choose to work. To help figure out the choices, here’s an alternative schedule ideas for working moms.ALTERNATIVE SCHEDULE IDEAS FOR WORKING MOMS:FLEXIBLE SCHEDULESA flexible work schedule is an alternative to the traditional 9 to 5, 40-hour work week or in another words which gives the employees freedom in setting work hoursPART-TIME WORKSimply put, a part-time is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job.JOB SHARINGJob sharing can be a good option it means that two part-time employees share the work and get pay of a single full-time job or in other words let two employees to share the workload. For example a 30 hour work week: 15 hours each or 20 hours for 1 employee and 10 hours for other or according to organization’s and employee’s needCOMPRESSED WORKWEEKSIt is a work arrangement where normal workweek is reduced to fewer than five days and employee work longer hours to makeup the full numbers of hours per weekSEASONAL SCHEDULESA sessional work is a contract of employment paid under an agreed range of hours to be worked. It could be ideal choice for working mother who wants to work for just a few weeks or months at a time, here and there throughout the year.


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