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Academic integrity is practicing honesty, fairness and integrity when doing school work whether it be regular school or college.

It means to do your school work with your own words and not to copy others words and not cheat on assignments and let it be your work and your words. We are given assignments to help us learn and quite simply its just not right to cheat. A very high percentage do not practice academic integrity but practice academic misconduct. Cheating will get you no where in life or school. Academic integrity should be a huge part of everyone’s daily routine in school.

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Why would someone not practice academic integrity? Well, a few reasons, I think, maybe they are running out of time on an assignment. Maybe they’re having a really bad day and just don’t want to or just don’t feel like doing the work , or maybe they just don’t have the time to do their school work for that day and they may practice plagiarism for that particular assignment. That’s why we must do our very best to think ahead, plan ahead and prepare a couple days ahead of time because you never know the future but you can help yourself by having a plan and don’t get caught in a crunch. I worked at a sewing plant many years ago for 10 years altogether and they had a sign hanging on the pole, right as you walk in the door to clock in and I’ve always remembered this quote on the sign. The sign read, “Lack of planning on your part , DOES NOT constitute an emergency on my part.” Signed SUPERVISOR!!! This is a very good motto to go by in life.

Have a plan and stick to it . Sometimes it may get tough, but just work through it to succeed and come out on top.


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