ACADEMIC goal. Upon the completion of my

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE OF STUDYI have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Being in a technical field, I have always been curious towards the operation and its execution until the fulfillment of the goal. Upon the completion of my studies I had worked at Shiva pharmachem Pvt.

Ltd. While working as a Maintainance engineer into chemical processing and gas supply, I found my keen interest in the bonding of various organic compounds such as acetylene or butane, certain solvents and complex hydrocarbon structures. Attaining quite important guidance from my colleagues I started exploring it more and more and my investigation took me towards the field of petroleum.

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It’s a field that targets on detailed study of wide range of hydrocarbons and the materials associated with it. A petroleum engineer works for the recovery of natural gas and crude oil that are extracted from earth’s crust. This activity in particular requires an optimized method for drilling into the reservoir followed by its production for which a mechanical engineer is best suitable and capable for multitask.

Being in a country where a large crude oil bed is remained unexplored resulting in the lowest production of petroleum. Learning the proper techniques and a systematic approach towards this activity would lead me to the betterment of the nation. In India, Ongc a public sector is making its tremendous efforts in fulfilling the demand of fuel and has set up large oil field reservoirs. Additionally, there are many more associated with the oil production and refining. I believe securing knowledge into this field will originate my nation into energy sector which ultimately lead to my personal growth.Working towards my goal I found that acquiring designing knowledge and how the concept can be terminated into an usable product, I started learning softwares. To gain practicle knowledge, I earned hands on experience with the automated systems at a local workshop named Deepa Industries. I worked there in a quality department that helped me grow with the technical aspects such as detailed understanding of materials, drawings, markings and measurements and the operation part as well.

For the nourishment of my managerial skills I joined one of the service sector firm named Hexigon Pvt. Ltd. It deals with the stress relieving and heat treatment process to its client companies. Here I am able to cultivate my previous experience alongwith managing various activities such as timely followup from the clients, completing the cycle within given period of time as well as important aspects of customer satisfaction. I am currently associated with the same and sharing the best of my knowledge as well as attaining my personal growth.

WHY CANADACanada is ranked into the top countries of the world for its quality of education by the Higher Education System Strength rankings in the year 2016, followed by Australia. However, while comparing living expenses and tuition fees, Canada is proved to be the best. Wherein Australia, the cost of living is almost double. Choosing petroleum engineering in Canada over other countries is definitely a wise choice. It includes noteworthy practicum sessions that a professional is always looking forward to. The educational institutes lay special emphasis on imparting education.

Henceforth, it is obvious that the country stands among the top 10 list of world oil producers. Multiplicity in its culture welcomes international students to pursue their choice of study. In addition, the pleasing landscapes, enormous beauty of nature and diversified community has attracted me. Being the second largest country by land, it has low population and hence negligible crime rate.


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