Abstract ways that society influences crimes. Victims who

AbstractSocioeconomics inequalities are an issue among communities within the United States.

The victim, in this case, was affected by socioeconomic status physically and psychologically. Based on the outcomes of socioeconomic status in neighborhoods with high crimes, it is important that communities have intervention and community programs that focus on socio-economics so that people do not become vulnerable as a victim or a criminal.              Socioeconomic Status and VictimizationCase Study InformationA 21-year-old immigrant was found in an alley in the Grufferson with wounds to his head and body. Police believe the victim was attacked by a group based on reports from witnesses.

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Witnesses told authorities that the victim was yelled at as he was being attacked and told to “go home.” The victim does not understand English. Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. In recent months Grudderson has been the target of  graffiti, disturbances, and harassment towards immigrants in local parks. (Laureate, 2012).  Factors Relating to Vulnerability of the Crime            Society, in general, is the possible cause for the vulnerability of this crime based on social changes relating to economic changes and statuses (Rank, 2018). There are various ways that society influences crimes.

Victims who live in communities that are influenced by crime also become vulnerable. Criminologist Edwin Sutherland (1883-1950) argued that criminal behavior was not learned or inherited but based on a person’s exposure to crimes through families and peers. By adding bad influence to the social statuses of crime pursuit a person becomes vulnerable because they lack good relationships with parents, teachers, employers, and communities. Victims also become vulnerable under these same conditions. The area and which the victim was found was a low-income area making the crime rate higher than in a middle or higher income area.

The victim is vulnerable because of his exposure to violence. Persons who live in lower socioeconomic statuses have an amplified exposure to crime and the likelihood of suffering from horrible outcomes (APA, 2018). Factors that contributed to the Crime            This crime was related to community violence (APA, 2018). These factors of socioeconomics in the Grufferson district is segregated by socioeconomic , race, and ethnicity, the risk factors of this violence are targeted by unemployment, poverty, and decreased levels of community participation, economic and poor housing conditions leading to gang violence, emotional distress and lack of access to services. Contribution of Victims Socioeconomics            Socioeconomics affects both physical and mental health of people it lowers self-achievement, educational goals, adds to poverty and poor health that affects society. It is important that we focus on the foundation of socioeconomics and efforts to reduce socioeconomics in the United States (APA, 2018).

 Conclusion            The victim in this case study was attacked based on socioeconomic status in his community that is affected by culture, ethnicity, and low-income levels based on lack of educational goals and poverty levels (APA, 2018). Intervention is needed in these types of communities. This can be done through parent and caregiver support and positive parenting skills, education and research efforts, along with legislation, and policies to eliminate socioeconomically disparities.  ReferencesAmerican Psychological Association, (2018).

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