Abstract: data using RF transmitter and a control

Abstract:This paper describes an automated system of irrigation process which involvesan arrangement of sensor in the cultivation of field, Wireless transmission ofthe sensor data using RF transmitter and a control system to evaluate the datato our required level and manage proper running of the irrigation pump. Themain focus of this paper is to present an affordable low cost and low powersolution to irrigation process in order to proliferate the automation processin it. The system includes sensors and microcontroller to send data using RFmodules which thereby will be used in the control unit consisting of ArduinoNano and relay connection to the pump. User can easily set the required waterlevel needed for the definite crop and use the system for precise irrigationprocess. This will in the long run help reducing water wastage and timedirrigation processKeywords: Automated Irrigation System, Wireless Sensor Networks, Arduino Nano,Water Conservation System Introduction:With the expansion of automation process and increased use of wireless sensornetworks in it , it is an evident need to implement it in growing need ofagriculture , in this case for irrigation system.

One of the prime reason forirrigation facility not to have these facilities yet is high cost of maintenanceand high power consumption. In the context of having a low cost operation forthe irrigation process this paper implements necessary wireless arrangementsfor achieving it. Such system is especially imperative for low income farmswhere farmers cannot afford to have high priced technologies. Another importantfactor is water conservation as manual process that farmers use in a countrylike Bangladesh involves a lot of predictive steps which results in waterwastage; smart irrigation system that we are proposing ensures proper watermanagement as well.In this paper we propose a system which willinclude use of sensors which are soil moisture sensor and water level sensors.This sensor nodes will be placed in a designed system in the field. This sensorwill provide readings and data calculations will be done by Attiny167microcontroller.

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Wireless communication system is done by RF modules which willcommunicate with the control unit containing Arduino Nano. The control unitwill evaluate the data considering several factors for specific type of cropsand ensure proper use of the shallow pump. This system will be solar powered toensure use of renewable energy and cutting down overall cost management. Thesystem will also be adaptable to changes in accordance with the user need.


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