Absence negative reinforcement theory and works in

Absence policy is the HR policy that details the impact of absence upon the deductions of wages or salaries. It is will communicated to each employee so that they deter themselves from making absence from the job. So, it works up to a level, as people in need of full salary, will not make any absence from the job as it will make unwanted reduction in payment. It is the reason that absence policy is implemented. It is a negative reinforcement theory and works in the organization.Incentive program is a positive reinforcement approach in the organization, where people coming on job on a regular basis without making absence, will be rewarded with added incentives. It encourages employees to prevent absence on their own and come to the job consistently. It brings incentives to them.

Promotion is an organizational policy where the employees are rewarded with the promotions if they don’t become absent from the job and show consistency at work. With this level of performance, they are rewarded with the promotion. It is based upon the hygiene factor of the two factor theory of motivation.

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Remuneration is an approach or policy by the HR functions that involve payment to the employees who don’t take leave and accept encashment of leaves. It encourages people to meet their physiological and safety needs. It is explained by Maslow hierarchy of need.Recognition program is a preventive program, focused upon the higher end need or intrinsic motivation of the employees who are publicly recognized for their consistency, regular coming to the job and not making any unplanned absence. It motivates them to be regular and get recognized. It is based upon the motivation factor of two factor theory or Maslow hierarchy of needs. Flexible schedule is an innovative approach where employees are offered to work in different work schedules so that they become regular and don’t become absent from the job.

This type of program is especially helpful for women employees who have to look after their home as well as they have to reach offices for work. It also helps to increase productivity in the organization.


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