A Obama didn’t really have his father around

A Dream FulfilledI did my book report on the book ¨A Dream Fulfilled – The Story of Barack Obama¨.This book is about the former president of the U.S.A and first african american president Barack Hussein Obama and how he grew up to be who he is now. Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The parents of Barack are the late Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr.   Growing up Barack Obama didn’t really have his father around him a lot because shortly after Barack was born he decided to move to Boston, Massachusetts to attend Harvard University and leave his family behind which quickly led to divorce. Although he never seen his father in person his grandparents always told him stories about him and how he was a good, smart, and hardworking man. Sometimes stories weren’t enough for him and he really wanted to meet his father and questioned if he was so good why did he leave. Barack Obama and his grandfather had a very close bond so he was his father figure. His grandfather nicknamed him Barry and they did things together such fishing, swimming, and canoeing. When it was time for Barry to start school his and his mother moved to Jakarta, Indonesian so she could be with her new husband Lolo Soetoro.

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Barack’ s grandparent on the other hand tried to persuade his mother not to move but it was no use because she was too old to be told what to do. When they got there he seen all types of animals and people bathe, drank, and washed their clothes in the same water. Whenever it was time for Barry to go to school he went the local grade school because his family couldn’t afford to send him to a foreign student school.

He quickly made friends and they  nicknamed him ¨Curly Eyelashes¨ because he had long dark lashes. While Barack was in the first grade he wrote an essay titled ¨I want to become President¨ and in the third grade he did an assignment called ¨My Dream: What I want to be in the future¨ and wrote a description on how he would be president one day. Before Barry started the fifth grade his mother thought it would be best if he went back to Hawaii to get a better education. When he got to Hawaii his grandparents were surprised to see how much he changed, but his grandfather had lost his job meaning the now lived in a small apartment and no longer had their house. While in Hawaii Barry attended a private K-12 academy and thought he wouldn’t fit in because he was black. The kids at hs new school had never seen a black boy their age, thought his name was funny, and teased him because his father was from Kenya. To stop the kids from laughing at him because of who his dad was he came up with stories about his father being a Keyan Prince and that his grandfather was the chief of their tribe.

He also said that his last name ,Obama, stood for ¨burning spear¨ although none of these stories were true it made him some friends.  In 1979 Barack Obama began his first year of college at Occidental College, Los Angeles. During this time Barack had many black friend but he just didn’t feel the same as them. At the end of his sophomore year he transferred to the University of Columbia and became a disciplined student. In 1982 he received a letter stating that his father died in a car accident at the age 46.

After graduating Barack got a job called Developing Communities Project. He also applied and got accepted into Harvard Law School and took on student loans to pay his tuition.


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