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A Visit to Disneyland
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Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, is America’s busiest, best-known, and most lucrative tourist attraction (Thomas, 1994)). Disneyland encompasses forty-seven square miles, twenty-eight thousand acres, and has sixty-two thousand employees working on the property (Gillian, 2017). Of all the marvels of Disney World, the Magic Kingdom attracts the most visitors; this is because visitors can revisit the past, dance with a mouse, or ride an aerodynamic spacecraft into the future. The Magic Kingdom lives up to the fantasy it promises. For me, the Magic Kingdom’s most astonishing facet is that everything in sight seems so perfect: the parades, the buildings, and the characters. Every object, building, and decoration is spotless. For instance, take Main Street, Disney’s re-construction of a small township in 1900 America. Visitors trailing from Town Square en route to Cinderella’s Castle cannot miss the gleaming paint covering the well-kept building.
Right down to their gingerbread moldings and gold signs, shops such as the House of Magic and the Emporium are freshly painted various times each year. Every street lamp, window, and display is smudge free. White-Suited maintenance workers work tirelessly to maintain the cleanliness of the entire area; they rush to collect any litter; including droppings of the horses that pull the polished trolley cars down Main Street. Every night, Main Street is scoured and hosed down. The individuals of the Magic Kingdom are equally impeccable. Marching bands drum off in the distance. Cartoon characters like Snow White and Goofy stop fraternizing with the visitors and ushers them onto the pavements of Main Street for a spectacular parade. This parade is unlike any other you have witnessed. Arrayed in neatly fitted uniforms, the attractive and fit band members hold their instruments in perfect angles and play the musical pieces to perfection. The symmetrical twirlers never drop their batons, all struts are in unison; it appears like clockwork in an hour.
Through the commotion of the crowd, various vendors roam the streets selling enormous, fluorescent balloons, and people buy them by the thousands. In the strip’s center, the air holds the scent of various nearby restaurants. The bakery opposite Emporium gives off a smell of melted chocolate and freshly baked bread. The Confectionary gives off the honey fragrance, and the ice cream parlor gives off a scent of strawberry vanilla which all merges and fills the air around. Further down the strip is Casey’s Corner, a retro diner that serves the food of the gods: burgers and fries. Saving the best for last, the ending of Main Street, USA, leaves visitors engrossed and longing for more. Main Street ends at a conjunction of roads with Fantasyland to the North, Tomorrow-land to the East, Adventure Land to the West, and Frontier Land and Liberty Square to the Northwest. Directly facing the conjunction is Cinderella’s Castle. Its magic radiates most potently through Main Street, and long lines of tourists stand before it waiting to snap a picture. Like all good meals, a dessert must follow, and Cinderella’s Castle imparts a feeling of satisfaction to the visitors.
The only way to enter and exit the Magic Kingdom is via Main Street. It is the only section of the park that all individuals are guaranteed to go through twice in that day; therefore, it is only right that it holds twice the magic. Walking under the Walt Disney World Railroad overpass to leave the park, the tsunami of inexorable pleasure makes me eager for my next return.

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