A with a stroke of elegance and feminine

A Tour into My Serene PlaceAmong the different parts of the house, the bedroom is my preferred place. I spent most of my time in my bedroom. I can do things I wanted to do with liberty in that favourite space of mine. I consider my bedroom as a dimension of peaceful and surreal world. So, when the time comes that I will have my own work and given the chance to design my ideal bedroom, I will proudly do so.

Ever since I was child, I have this wide imagination. Way back in my elementary days, I wanted to be an architect. I began designing buildings. I have my own model of interior and exterior designs. In my house, the bedroom is a very important place. My ideal bedroom would be a silver and baby pink themed room, with a stroke of elegance and feminine style.

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From the outside you can see the silver door with pink borders that with my name engraved on it and carvings of beautiful patterns. My door is a double-locked type, you can lock it from the inside and outside, by entering a pin or a key. A very spacious room and high ceiling will greet you. From the moment that you entered the fresh air conditioning with a touch of calming-floral scent will welcome you proudly. You don’t have to worry about your feet getting cold because the time you dominate my bedroom you would be stepping onto a soft silver carpet that would make your toes warm. Covering my crystal windows is the white curtains that dance gracefully when in contact with air, will surely mesmerize your sight.

Behind the attractive curtain would be the sliding glass door that will take you to the balcony that would certainly catch your attention as it captures the field of view of the beauty of nature as it faces towards the garden. Your eyes would feast on the serene and classy environment of my bedroom. My walls are printed with majestic silver-colored wallpaper. The furnitures are well-furnished, from my bed to the furnishings of my mini-library. At the center of my room, you can find my queen-sized bed that is 16 inches high with 4 inches thick foam, covered with a silver bed sheet with 4 pillows enclosed with pink pillowcase and 2 gray-colored body pillows with my favourite anime design. My blanket would be a comfy baby pink-cotton blanket.

The left side of my bed is a pink table with a height of 24 inches and dimensions of 36×18 inches. On my table is my lampshade with a bluish-white illumination. Under my table are the 3-layered drawers where my personal belongings are. Since, I would want my bedroom to be very extensive, I would want to put a pair of sofas, a mini circular table, a mini fridge and the 40 inches TV set. I would want an entertainment in case my friends would come to my house and conduct a slumber party. I would like to have also a walk in close, where my clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories would be neatly-arranged. In my walk in closet located also the wide mirror which can capture a perfect reflection of my whole body.

The mirror would be very useful when I am fitting something.I would want my bedroom to have mini-library or a study room inside. My mini-library would be an Old English-themed. In my mini-library you can find my collection of books from novels to encyclopaedias and my study table. I would have also my Dewey Decimal System. A part of my mini-library is my pink office table with my computer set and under it is a pink-colored recliner. One of the highlights in my bedroom would be the very spacious bathroom. The floor of my bathroom would be marble-made as well as the walls.

In my bathroom is the silver shower curtain and behind it are the shower and the sweet-smelling bath tub. You can find the mirror in front of my lavatory. Of course, the tidy cubicle won’t be out of the sight. Aromatic albatross would be hung on the perfectly sculptured walls.My ideal bedroom would be so exemplary for me. I consider my ultimate bedroom as my portal through another dimension as I experience a distinct sensation of serenity and a surreal feeling whenever I enter that room of mine.


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