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A project process has a start andan end stage which lead to the categorization of project management processinto five process groups. Here, the closing process groups identify the endstage of a project. Based on Sharma (2013), it consists of processes carriedout to conclude all activities in all project management process groups leadingto the formal completion of a project. Its purpose includes collecting alldocuments in the project and meeting of the contractual obligations in aproject.

4.0 Project IntegrationManagementProject integration management isone of the significant knowledge areas in project management. It entails thecoordination of activities of the various project processes to ensure thesuccessful completion of a project (Hornstein,2015). In the closing group process, it facilitates the reaching of aneffective project completion by coordinating the activities performed during theclosing process groups (Hornstein, 2015). This includes completing projectactivities, delivering the completed project and obtaining approval to formallyclose a project.

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Close Project or Phase ProcessDefinitionClose project defines the processof capturing all project artifacts including stakeholder register, projectmanagement plan and risk register (Sharma, 2013). Further, it includes formaldocumentation on the completion of the project. Here, the project manager reviewsthe project contract and the customer acceptance documentation (Sharma, 2013).Lessons learned in the project become identified and documented for futurereference.

The outputs of the process include final product, service transitionand update of organizational process assets (Sharma, 2013).Process AssessmentAssessment in close projectinvolves ensuring the completed deliverables are appropriate and agree with theneeds of the customer. As such, the assessment may include the performance ofdocument verification, investigate the performance of the project processes anddocument the success or failure of a project (Sharma, 2013). As part of theassessment, Sharma (2013) discuss the relevance of documenting and reviewinglessons learnt, especially in assessing the problems faced.

Further, it helpsprovides reasons for the projects’ outcome including identifying factorsleading to the termination of a project.12.0 Project Procurement ManagementProject procurement managementensures the availability of goods and services from external sources in orderto carry out the project (Kwak , 2002). In the closing process group, project procurement managementfunctions ensure that the terms of the project are acceptable, accurate andconcluded (Kwak & Ibbs, 2002). Here, it assesses the quality of the projectrelative to the terms stated in the contract to entail the level of accuracyand satisfaction of the project.

In particular, both external and internalparties need to input resources necessary to achieve the performance stated inthe contract.12.4Close ProcurementsProcess DefinitionCloseprocurement defines the process of reviewing the contract and providing aformal report to the seller (Sharma,2013).The close procurement completes each projects’ procurement performedthroughout the project processes. It involves inputs such as procurementdocuments and project management plan to achieve outputs such as closedprocurements and organization process assets update (Sharma, 2013).

Further, itincludes the performance of administrative activities such as updating records toshowcase final outcome, finalizing open claims and archiving the information forfuture references (Sharma, 2013).ProcessAssessmentIn close procurement process assessment,important tools and techniques include procurement audits, records management systemsand procurement negotiation (Sharma, 2013). Here, these tools and technique facilitatereviewing of terms and conditions set in the contract and the accurate updatingof organizational activities (Sharma, 2013). Further, assessing lessons learnt isimportant in capturing the experience gained in performing the project and workingwith a particular external source.

As a result, future projects are able to referto these documentations and lessons and enhance risk mitigation measures. 


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