A leader should develop the team do

A team leader is someone who provides direction, instructions and guidance to team for the purpose of achieving a certain goal. It is in the leader’s interest to support and develop the team and individual team members continuously, this allows the team to keep succeeding. This achieved through communication and feedback which are the key ingredients in the support and development of a team as it enables the team to continuously keep at a set standard in the form of support and to keep raising the bar through development. Tuckman’s theory of development, forming, storming, norming and performing, highlights the stages of development. A leader should develop the team do that they are performing, i.e. The team is committed, strategic and runs well with little oversight.
When I was running an initiative exercise, the team failed to complete all of their objectives, at the end of the exercise I gave the team constructive criticism. This support enabled the team to develop and learn from their mistakes, when I next carried out the exercise some time later the task was fully achieved.
Another example of when I have supported my organisation was when I was teaching airmanship to the T-Flight. A few cadets where struggling to understand a concept so I sat down with them and went over what they didn’t understand, by supporting them they developed their understanding of the subject, this was evident when they completed their training logs.


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