A customers to the quality of their service.

A study conducted by Ghimire (2012), cited that food habits and taste of every individual has changed a lot.

Regarding this, many businesses are developing such as hotels, restaurants, and many more and this depend on how the business satisfies their customers to the quality of their service. Sellers must give importance to the customers since they are the pillars of their business organization so they try to give the best quality service to make them satisfy. Customer satisfaction depends on service quality dimensions such as the ass urance, responsiveness, reliability, empathy and tangibles of a business (Bateson & Hoffman). It is the responsibility of the firm to meet the needs of the customers. This purpose of this research study attempts to evaluate the satisfaction of customers in Sagarmatha, a Nepalese restaurant in Helsinki, as well as the service provided by the restaurant.

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The data gathering means used are survey, interviews and through observing the restaurant. The participants were randomly chosen visitors or customers of Restaurant Sagarmatha. The results of this study is most of the customers commented that their food is quite good and tasty. This concludes that customer are very satisfied and the given service quality in Restaurant Sagarmatha is very good.


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