“A believe agricultural advancements could happen in the

“A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs.” This is said by Bernard Baruch.

This quote states that a man who observes the future is called a speculator, but what if we could see the future? Many people have different ideas on what the future will look like. Some think it will look more green, some think the earth will become non habitable. However, I believe that in only 50 years we will have made advancements in agricultural technology, medical technology, and alternative energy resources. Why do I think this?Agriculture, this word may make you think of old rusty tractors and cows; however, this is the past. I believe in the future agriculture will have a new meaning.

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To begin with, I believe agricultural advancements could happen in the farm animals themselves. If we could make advancements to the animals we could better our food supply. We could genetically modify these animals to grow larger and take less food and water to grow.

This will allow for more food to be harvested from the animal. We could also make advancements in the crops. We could modify the crops to take less water and produce more. We could also modify the crops to be bug repellent. This would make the plants produce more and we would not have to worry about chemicals for bugs.

One more advancement we could make is to the agricultural vehicles. I believe we could engineer the vehicles to be more clean and less costly. This could allow for a cleaner earth and more people being able to farm more crops for food. With these advancements we could change the name of agriculture forever.


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