A Island is located in Jose Panganiban

A secret paradise in Camarines Norte. This island have white sand, crystal water and mini virgin forest. The peacefulness, the the unforgettable experience and simpleness of this island was unforgettable place in your life. No one is island but this island is the one of the best island I’ve ever seen. (Paki correct na lang). This is Calalanay Island in Jose Panganiban Camarines Norte. If you want to escape the reality, forget any stress, heartbreak in your life, and to make a new and unforgettable memory it is the best place for you.

Calalanay Island is located in Jose Panganiban Camarines Norte. A landmark dotted by magnificent tress and verdant grass fringed by white sand, the island offers sufficient spot shade and flat surfaces for any one to pitch a tent. To reachable the island it’s take time to travel around one (1) hour to see the secret paradise in Jose Panganiban.

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You injoy the the white sand and especially the blue-green water it’s means the beach it’s to deep. There are no resorts on the island so you definitely have to bring your own survival kit items and food. You’d have to bring these, if necessary. • Tent, umbrella, protective under layers, hammock • Food and water containers • Flashlight, candle, fire making tools • Sunblock or after sun lotion, insect repellents • Your own gadgets and power bank. First you must reach Camarines Norte if you will be coming from outside the province. By Air: The nearest commercial airport is in the Naga Camarines Sur.

From Manila take 40 minutes plane ride to Naga. Then take a public van or bus to daet Camarines Norte then take another public van or bus to Jose Panganiban. You can take a tricycle to municipal office and ask locals to get to larap port.

By land:From Manila take a bus heading to Panganiban Camarines Norte it will found Cobao and Pasay terminal. Travel time is around 8-10 hours. Once in Panganiban look for tricycle to municipal office, ask them to get larap port.


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