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A Review of the Book Percy Jackson and the Titan’s curse Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse was written by an American writer Rick Riordan. This book is based on Greek mythology. It is a total fiction but when we read, we couldn’t say like that.

The book was carved by the author very carefully. It has all aspects of style like adventure, thrill, magnificence and lots of emotions. This book is the third part of the Percy Jackson series: The first two books are; 1. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. 2. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. This series consists of six books and there is also a another series of five books based on this series.

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The story is very interesting that it increases the expectations tremendously and satisfies with thrill. The hero of the novel is Percy Jackson who was son of the sea god Poseidon. The story starts with the finding of two new half-blood children who are the children between God and human. Percy, Thalia, Annabeth and Grover fought Dr. Thorn and rescued them. But unfortunately Annabeth, daughter of Goddess Athena missed in the fight and was kidnapped by him. Another important thing is that the author has changed the stereotype of a monster.

While we think monsters are like a big, ugly and weird animals, the writer has changed them as the gentlemen. The children Bianca Di Angelo and Nico Di Angelo play an important role in the story. Artemis, the Goddess of hunting who went in search of a doomsday monster also missed. So, the Camp of half-bloods planned a Quest and got oracle from the spirit of Delphi. The oracle is a one which adds to the interest, beauty and also the thrilling factor of the story.

Here the oracle was that only five people can go for a quest and among them, one will be lost in the land without rain and another will be perished by a parent’s hand. Besides the danger, there prevailed some competition for the quest. Since the oracle is all about the goddess Artemis, the hunters were given priority. So, Zoe, Bianca and Phoebe joined from the hunters side and Thalia who was the daughter of sky god Zeus and Grover, a satyr joined from the campers side to the quest. Percy was neglected. But he managed to join the quest instead of Phoebe and later came to know it is because Goddess Aphrodite. The promise made by Percy to Nico to prevent Bianca from dangers occupies an important part of the story. Butunfortunately, Percy could not prevent Bianca and she risk her life as she took the toy of god for her brother from the junkyard and became the part of the oracle.

The animal Bessie which was introduced as an ordinary animal turns out to be the important element and constitutes the main thing for changing the rule of Olympus. Finally, Artemis and Annabeth were rescued from the hands of Luke and General of Chronas who was Atlas, the person who shoulders the sky who blamed Artemis through Annabeth and shouldered the sky to Artemis. At last, Zoe was killed by Atlas who was her father and the oracle became true once again. The sacrifice of Zoe and the permission given by Percy’s mother to search for Annabeth became the emotional part of the story. The prophecy of olden days that the fate of Olympus will be decided by a child of one of the big three gods who are Zeus, Poseidon and Hades became the main part of the story. The question about the parents of Bianca and Nico follows throughout the novel and thrills the reader at last by its answer.

Thus the novel ended with an interesting question that who will save the Olympus from the Titan’s curse. It is that the Gods will be destroyed by their children as they killed their father Chronas and captured the throne of the world which stirs us to read the next book which is Percy Jackson and the Battle of Labyrinth.


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