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A plantation system is based on cultivating (using land) and exporting (sending goods in this case) crops such as sugar, tobacco, and rice on large tracts of land using large, cheap labor force. This system is important in understanding the origins of slavery in colonial America because this was their lives for quite some time. When the plantation system began to become prominent the supply of white indentured servants began to diminish. Eventually the slave trade had been established from Africa to Spanish and Portuguese colonies of South America and in the 1500’s was expanded to fill the needs of the British Colonies thus, answering their needs for workers in plantations systems.

The colonists realized African American slaves were the smartest idea forlabor while saving themselves a lot of money so they then created slavery to cultivate the lands and generate profit. Now, they have brought slavery to the United States and U.S. society would never be the same because of the image this has left for African Americans, creating minority groups, which is why it is important to understand the production of a plantation system.

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Plantation systems are usually characterized bypaternalism, huge inequality groups, repressive systems of control, rigid codes of behavior, and low rates of overt conflict because they all go hand in hand. For example, paternalism means someone of a higher “class” in this case will have power over someone in a “lower” class; in this case it is the slaves from the minority groups who have no freedom thus creating major inequalities and the repressive system forms control over the minority groups. The rigid codes of behavior come into play because the members of the minority group have a strict set of behavior rules they are “supposed” to follow and not stray from according to the plantation owners. The African Americans are cheap labor creating low rates of overt conflict. When it comes to plantation system these characteristics are like a trickle effect, one things leads to another and creates tension for these minority groups that still appear in today’s society. The key features of paternalism are vast power differentials and huge inequalities between dominant and minority groups, elaborate and repressive systems of control over theminority group, caste-like barriers between groups, elaborate and highly stylized codes of behavior and communication between groups, and low rates of overt conflict.


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