A plan of care is information put together that describes an easy and accessible way to provide the support required. A care/support plan is to be put together and agreed with the individual it is designed for throughout the process of the care/support planning.
When support is required for an individual, a health care professional usually a social worker or care manager will seek for a support provider to provide a service to the individual. At sorelle support, when we are asked to commence a new care package, we meet with the supported individual, their care manager or social worker and family that are involved in the care, face to face, this is called a meet a greet.
During the “meet and greet” which is what we call the initial meeting in our company, a support plan is agreed with the individual and the care network. The individual will discuss their current situation and what support they require to meet their needs.
The support plan should be individual to the supported individual and must be personal centered. The supported individual is to have as much involvement in the development of support plan as they wish too. Sometimes, support plans may have to be put together without the full involvement of the support person where they are not able to participate, in that instant; we will communicate and consult with them.


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