A to provide utmost quality service and support

A person centered approach is about providing specialized support and care for each individual based on their needs. The department of health defines this as “. . . a way of discovering what people want, the support they need, and how they can get it.” (www.dh.gov.uk, 2010) The following are the eight values in this approach:


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It also aims to do the following: to support the relationship between the carer and the individual while the carer offers flexible and reliable support, to promote effective communication between carers and the person receiving support, to work together with the family members of the person receiving support, and to promote the independence and rights of the person receiving support.

1.2 Explain why person-centred values must influence all aspects of social care work

It is important that these values are implemented in social care work so as to provide utmost quality service and support to each individual with a unique set of circumstances.


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