A a studio during my sophomore year

A statement that I have often used to describe my state of mind is, “the days to come will bear fruit.” My career aspirations are not childhood dreams but rather a work of unswerving absorption of knowledge. Growing up watching my father, who is an exceptional electronics engineer, I developed a penchant for science and technology which slowly and gradually grew into admiration and then an intense passion.At the school, I grasped science and mathematics fundamentals which helped me get into one of the prestigious engineering colleges in India. The obvious choice for my undergraduate degree was Electronics and Communication Engineering. I was able to assimilate the knowledge quickly and implement the same in training programs and in a variety of projects which received A/A+ grades consistently. The appreciations and recommendations from the faculty instilled in me the confidence and helped me develop a broader vision. Eventually, I made an extra effort to cover computer science domain as well and read as many books as I could to cement my programming concepts. I opened up a studio during my sophomore year and engaged myself in real-time web development and branding projects. After completing several projects, I ventured into opening up an online store that offered ethnic fashion during a time when the Indian market was moving towards e-commerce. The success and knowledge gained from the same projects helped me bag an internship opportunity to work on an international project under the banner of Medicozy where I developed the backend infrastructure on Amazon Web Services cloud.Apart from academics, I was also active in extracurricular activities. From class representative to the Secretary of the university student council, the team and I organized some of the most prominent cultural and technical festivals in the country. I was also the designated member of Executive Board for Model United Nations Conferences. Assisted with my aptitude and acumen, I got selected in Infosys, a global leader in technology design, services and consulting. I saw this as an opportunity to bring together everything that I had learned and continued to follow my aspirations of carving an impression in the era driven by innovation. With the advanced and renowned learning infrastructure, I acquired phenomenal learning in computer architecture, design, networks and software. On achieving the top performer tag in the training program, I was moved to Edgeverve, the product subsidiary of Infosys. The role put me at the heart of Finacle, a leading core banking solution and I worked extensively in close collaboration with engineers and clients across 26 countries.All of my experience and exposure has brought to light that we’re at a critical juncture of the transformational technology and software. As the industry that has already started working on what the future holds, by focusing on automation, piloting on blockchain, advancements in electronic system-level design and networks and so much more, I have the opportunity to make this my sweet spot and further enrich my knowledge to be an industry expert. The Master’s program in Computer Engineering specializing in Network Systems is a perfect match for my career aspirations propelling my transformational ideas. With a structured curriculum, excellent alumni network and industry exposure in the heart of Silicon Valley which is the center of technological innovations, I seek to build a 360-degree understanding to equip me with the tools to continue striding in the direction I believe in. The journey will be one full of dedication and diligence, and as always, the days to come will bear fruit.


I'm Owen!

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