A. addressed and implemented. (KPMG, 2017) Background Information

A. Introduction The introduction part revolves around the subject ofthis thesis, and provides the entry with a small amount of knowledge about thethesis. An introduction gives information about the thesis, its scope, NorthernCyprus for villa tourism and information about the country and its yearlytourism. ?t also supports various other information and links about the currenttrend in North Cyprus, current local information and the tourism types that areavailable on the island.

The introduction will also provide the advantages anddisadvantages of villa tourism and tourism in general in Cyprus. Finally thework and improvements that need to be done is has been addressed andimplemented. (KPMG, 2017)   Background InformationThe villa tourism in Northern Cyprus and in the worldis mostly premium, more cultivating and also more beneficial for touristscompared to the usual hotel type accommodation.

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Also while having more goodeffects on tourism and the economy of the island, villa tourism can offer morevalue for money for the foreign visitors/tourists. This way it syncs andassists well with the hotel business, while keeping the more crowded visitorssatisfied. This thesis gives thought and information about how villa tourismcan add value to a country’s income and how it can manage to be a valuableoption for the real estate business, all the while identifying the advantagesand disadvantages of its unique type of business; it also highlights thebenefits to the other sectors. The project also provides good amount ofbusiness wise information, while keeping it on a level that does not disconnectfrom the main subject   C.

Preliminary Case Studies Preliminary studies includes visiting the library andgathering information on the subject and understanding the climate and businessof tourism in North Cyprus, looking up the other sources, having a thought, anidea about how to begin the project , as well as how to get progress out of itssubject. Visiting the sector professionals, having discussions with foreignvisitors that bought, rented villas or purchased other properties in NorthernCyprus. Real estate agents that can provide information about how and what willbe the future and long term vision about the subject in discussion(villatourism), this is an important part of the thesis, to ensure that everything isanswered in detail . Although the sources of the subject are significantlylimited compared to current projects, such as visiting the web and searchingfor the worldwide information about the subject has helped greatly.

Thesestudies successfully summed up the information gathered and gave us the rightamount knowledge to maintain a good a project, while without breaking the chainof the information for the project.    D. LiteratureReview Due to the literature review, residential tourismoccurs as another tourism classification. ?t is an activity closely related totourism and real estate, or an activity with tourist aspects. While thetraditional tourism industry is closely associated with clearly seenactivities, related to hotels, airlines, tour companies and tour operators.

Villa tourism in North Cyprus is one of the most important subjects ofresidential tourism and gathering a certain amount of growth per year, thanksto the advantages North Cyprus brings to tourists. Also with the continuousrise of the internet access tourists are now more informed than ever about thelatest updates and what North Cyprus has to offer, due to this quick access tothe information tourists can stay informed and spread the word to their closefriends or relatives. This is an example of how information can be passedaround from person to person and spread throughout, cities, countries or eventhe world. E. Secondary Case StudiesThe secondary industry studies improve the primarycase answers by providing more detailed information about the main focus of thesubject. But also greatly fills in the gaps of the structure. This study mostlyconstructed by the gathered number of  informationof various other different sources and tailoring them through the main subjectand providing sub-information about tourism and giving brief thoughts of the different countries of tourismworldwide.

By this method, author aims to successfully fill the main theme ofthis project and provide complete information about the subjects. F. ConclusionThe conclusion part is formed by the various differentelements of the project and provides an overall understanding of the subject. Italso concludes the questions about the subject by providing an oversight of theglobal tourism industry that can be understood, and how it compares to NorthernCyprus. The conclusion part also sums up the advantages and disadvantages ofthe subject and explains clearly by giving both positive and negative examplesabout villa tourism and its effects on North Cyprus. While summing up eachpoint in the thesis project.

The conclusion part is mostly formed by generalthoughts, ideas and understanding by writer.


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