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A manager is someone with authority that has been given a responsibility to manage a group of people. A business usually appoints a manager to run a branch where he has to provide a face for the place a business.

That person determined the success of that branch by the way he schedules his top performers by the way the workers can feel like they can count on him to make the nest decision when it comes to something serious. However just because someone is managing that does not mean that they are leading. A manager has the tools and responsibility to lead, to lead by example and provide a model on what is expected by every employee under that branch.

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A leader has many characteristics he is responsible he is engaged, ambitious , relentless. Many factors are held when it comes to a good manager and a good leader as well. Managers, by contrast, have different characteristics. A manager is defined as, an individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks Whilst the leader innovates, the manager – seeks to maintain. A manager develops systems and structures and administers through them. The manager exercises control, while leaders inspire.

Managers have a short-range vision and keep their eye on the bottom line. The leader would let the manager run the department, ensuring he or she follows the company system. However, in the new economy, a manager also needs leadership skills, as the new dynamics at work requires adhering to systems that are very important in the workplace. The classic conflict situation arises when the manager in a group is not its leader.

The manager is the appointed boss, but he/she commands no respect and inspires no confidence among the staff. However, in the group of subordinates a leader may not be the manager, possessing no organizational position of authority. When the appointed superior speaks, the staff members look at the leader, who has no organizational authority, but is the ‘de facto’ leader. The solution to leader-manager conflicts is reasonably straightforward.

Often, the natural leader does not have the development which the managers have been given.


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