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A malware attack is a type of cyberattack in which malware or unwanted software that run activities on the your computer system without user’s permission. Most of the modern malware codes like ransomware, spyware, and adware are software programs that can spread to other computers and execute on their own. This is a type of software program used to steal the user’s information such as online banking logins, password, credit card numbers or intellectual properties from the internet.

The malware program are separate into different types such as worm, viruses, Trojan horse, adware, spyware, ransomware,backdoor and others. One of the most famous type in malware attack recently is ransomware attack. According to researchers from Malwarebytes, during Q1 2017 roughly 60% of malware attack were ransomware, with the rest being a mix of ad fraud malware . The objective for this type of attack is to extort money from the victim. This is often achieved by encrypting the user’s data with a password . To decrypt it ,the user need to paid the fee. Ransomeware attack can be design in more advanced technique called cryptoviral extortion, which encrypts the victim’s files in a way that makes them nearly impossible to recover without the decryption key.

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This picture shows the malware distribution by type Q1 2017 In May 2017, cybercriminals had launch a huge malware attack in the history called “WanaCrypt0r 2.0” or WannaCry which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. More than 200,000 devices in 150 countries were affected, including hospitals, banks and major telecom industries. Cyber criminals are asking money of 300$ in the form of bitcoin currency in order to get access of your computer. If you don’t pay up, then after a week the hackers threaten you to permanently delete all your important data files.

A report by Cybersecurity Ventures predicted that ransomware damage costs would exceed $5 billion in 2017.This attack was stopped within a few days after the Microsoft had released emergency patches, and the discovery of a kill switch that prevented infected computers from spreading WannaCry any further.This picture shows WanaCrypt0r 2.

0 ransomware provided by cybersecurity firm Symantec, in Mountain View, California, on May 15. Another type of malware is adware. Adware is software design to display unwanted advertisements up on your screen or makes any alterations on the system or to the browser settings without permission. Adware can be automatically downloaded to your system while browsing any website. some of the typical sign of adware on you computer system are your web browser’s homepage has mysteriously changed without your permission and Website will links redirect to sites different from what you visit. Once adware perform on our device, it might carry out some sorts of unwanted tasks. The software’s functions may be designed to analyze the location and which website you visit, and then display ads related to the type of product or services there.

One example of adware program is Premier Opinion. It develop by VoiceFive Inc used to hijack web browsers and displays ads and saving coupons. In addition, It helps publisher to make money from your clicks on promoted stuff.   Hence premium opionion will steal and record the user information like user’s IP address, location , user name & password ,banking data and financial information. It will also disable antivirus and blocks Firewall security in order to run its. Premier Opinion cannot be simply uninstalled as any other program.

To remove this program it required aknowledge IT sphere and takes time.


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