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A letter is a formal method of communication and is used within business especially for legal purposes. Letters can be used to sign agreements and can be used as proof for this if something has been agreed too for the business or has been given to them. An example of this is when a business such as Tesco signs a legal agreement with their employees about their contract with Tesco. Letters are a less modern way of communicating and a good way as not everyone has accessibility to computers and email accounts. Letters are open distributed through the post.

Letters are still commonly used by businesses still even due to the fact of modern technology. A business like Tesco will send letters to Employees, Suppliers, Consumers and so on.A letter sent from Tescos to their consumers will often include things like deals and offers that are going on in Tesco to attract the customers and want them to go and visit to buy the products. Using a letter is an effective way to communicate and deliver information as it contains a lot of information but having too much information can make the reader not bother to read it all. There is also a chance that the letter can get lost in the post or not arrive on time meaning the information will not get to the person when needed.

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