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A glass of dry wine can adversely affect intellectual abilities, suppressing the process of thinking for 12-15 days. If you drink a couple of times a month on a regular basis, the intellect will have understated indicators constantly.2. Since in the human brain there is a huge number of blood vessels and capillaries, poisoning of brain nerve tissues with ethyl alcohol will occur 16 times faster than in other organs and systems.

That’s why after a binge the head, rather than the liver, suffers first.3. Intoxication occurs as a result of the death of thousands of cells of the cerebral cortex due to hypoxia. With prolonged use of alcoholic beverages, the cortex of the brain peels and shrinks in volume (the effect of the so-called “wrinkled brain”), and the cerebellum completely atrophies.4. After using alcohol, the brain is able to keep the products of its decay up to one month. All because the oxidation of alcohol in neuronal cells occurs several thousand times slower than in liver cells, which is extremely harmful to mental health.

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5. Alcohol poisoning is the third most popular cause of death. The poison, which is contained in alcoholic products, reduces life expectancy by 20 years, not to mention its quality and consequences. Every year more than half a million people die from alcoholism alone in Russia.6.

With the collapse of the USSR and up to the 2000s, the number of alcoholics in Russia increased by 48%, while the treatment of alcoholic psychosis is registered 6 times more often than before.7. To date, the Ministry of Health of Russia has recognized 49.5% of the population to some extent alcohol-dependent. The most interesting is that 94% of the interviewed respondents from this number tried alcoholic products up to 15 years.8.

The survey among adolescents addicted to alcoholic beverages revealed that 69.3% of them study badly, 24.5% are mediocre and only 6.2% have ratings above the average.9. For biological reasons, women sleep four times faster than men, and the children of alcoholic parents degrade 5 times faster.

Both risk groups are more difficult to treat.10. Almost 80% of suicides are attributed to people in a state of intoxication at the conclusion of forensic medical examination. More than 75% of all rapes, murders, robberies and robbery also rests with the conscience of criminals who committed illegal drunken acts.11. In adolescence, the body is so sensitive to alcohol that the formation of dependence occurs at an accelerated pace for some 2-3 years (the earlier a child has been attached, the faster).

Alcohol also affects the character, contributing to the formation of increased irritability, inflated aggressiveness, isolation and reduced social sensitivity. Teenagers with alcohol addiction often become sociopaths, which are alien to the moral side of the issue.12. 89% of adolescents who joined drinking, came from socially disadvantaged families.

The main risk factor is the example of alcoholic parents, an incomplete family, misunderstanding of parents, the presence of a stepfather. However, it is difficult to meet at least one example of child alcoholism in a family where both parents do not consume alcohol at all.13.

Alcohol can easily destroy a huge number of people. Thus, the American Indians were taken out not by firearms, but by “fiery water”. Now let’s compare the statistics: in Russia at the beginning of the 19th century, drinking men accounted for about 55%, women – 9%, adolescents – 6%. Now the figures are overwhelming: men who drink alcohol – 99.5%, women – 96.4%, boys – 86.6%.

14. Top 10 economically developed countries, based on WHO research, estimated that over the past 80 years, alcoholism among the population was 40 times higher than the rates of the early 20th century. The most deplorable thing is that the rates of female alcoholism have increased: if earlier only 10 women were dependent on 10 alcohol-dependent men, now the ratio is 3: 1.15. Fatherly alcoholism has a more devastating effect on the birth of daughters than sons. So decide for yourself, you want to spoil the life of your children or are ready to change bad habits. The choice is in your hands!Flytothesky.ru


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