a film directed by Bruce Beresford Audiences are

a film directed by Bruce Beresford

Audiences are often captivated by insightful material which explores in culture and/or gender. Li Cunxin was a little boy from China who was given the rare opportunity to learn ballet, and who then performed internationally. Given China’s political climate, Li was forced to choose between his culture and his passion – to defect to America and fulfill his dreams, knowing he would never be allowed back in China or see his family again. Film techniques create meaning by emphasizing a certain theme, idea or scene, creating emotions and conveying powerful messages. Bruce Beresford’s film is particularly powerful in provoking insights from the audience regarding in culture and/or gender.

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Li Cunxin was a little boy from a small poor village in China named Qingdao. He lived in a small mud house with his parents and six brothers. His family struggled to survive, constantly close to starvation daily, but because of his family’s love and support for each other and determination to survive, they worked persistently every day to live. Li was a very grateful and thoughtful child he always wanted to be able to help his family.


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