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A Case Study of Alabang Mall South Park Land UseBrief history of land use planning in the Philippines Philippine history has been marked by different periods of time that influenced the society and culture in a way that modified the use of land and its allocation. There are the periods of the pre-Hispanic era, the 300 years of being under Spanish colony, 40 years under the United States and 4 years under Japanese occupation. Even until now, the land use is still changing as time, environmental issues and human habitation continues. It is believed that on pre-Hispanic era, the land is used by all indigenous people, sharing its resources.

(Riedinger, 1995). In return for having legal rights to use and profit from property belonging to someone else, the individual families must fulfill a public service to the datu, often tending to his field. In pre-Hispanic era, it is also believed that the people at the time has a military hierarchy from warrior class loyal to warlords. Servants went to them in exchange for protection.

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The produce of the land is equally distributed to the servant and master. The servants are allowed some share of the harvest because the medium of exchange according to the economy at the time is the rice served.After Ferdinand Magellan landed and claimed Cebu, lands called encomiendas were divided and award to motivate Spaniards to defend the land from external attack and maintain peace. The owner of the encomiendas acquired the right to collect tribute from the natives and the natives living on the boundaries of encomienda became tenants.


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