A did our ways of medical treatments. While

A life without illness has always been one of the main goals for the human species. At the start of our existence, it was discovered that natural remedies helped alleviate some of the symptoms of various illnesses. Naturally, as humans evolved so did our ways of medical treatments. While medicine is inherently mostly a biological science the machinery used to perform the tasks rely mostly on computer science and physics.

Modern physics is the basis of MRI. “Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging technique used primarily in medical settings to produce high-quality images of the inside of the human body.”1 MRI relies upon the benchmarks of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), a spectroscopic system used by specialists to get physical information about particles.

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The procedure was called MRI rather than nuclear magnetic resonance in light of the negative implications related to the word nuclear in those years.2 The difference between MRI and the similar computer tomographic (CT) scans is that MRI does not incorporate the use of x-rays and thus is seen as the more superior option. However, MRI’s compared to CT scans are much longer and louder, anything metal has to be removed before entering the machine and this may cause problems to people with pacemakers.

3The inventor of the first MRI machine was Raymond Vahan Damadian. His studies about living cells dove him to his first tries with NMR. Damadian found that tumors and ordinary tissue can be discerned by the way their signals change with time. This led him to propose the initial full body magnetic resonance scanner and he was the first one to play out a full body scan in 1977.4 The first scan took about 5 hours to produce one image with was very elementary compared to today’s scans.The way MRI works is that the scanner contains two intense magnets, these are the most critical parts of the gear. The human body is to a great extent made of water particles, which are contained hydrogen and oxygen molecules. At the focal point of every atom lies a proton, which fills in as a magnet and is touchy to any magnetic field.

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