A. meaning units. This process involves more than

A. Step 1: Obtaining a Sense of the Whole: The researcher must familiarize him/herself with the data, and read through the transcribed text to obtain the sense of the whole, that is, to learn “what is going on?”, before it can be broken down into smaller meaning units. This process involves more than one person with expertise in qualitative research.B. Step 2: Identifying Meaning Units: A meaning unit is the smallest unit that contains some of the insights the researcher needs that are sentences or paragraphs containing aspects related to each other, answering the question set out in the goal of the research. Each identified meaning unit is labeled with a code that is understood in relation to the context.C.

Defining Relevant & Psychologically Explicit Meaning Units: After the meaning units have been identified, the researcher has then to check whether all aspects of the content have been covered in relation to the goal of the research. During this process, the researcher discards the unimportant information that does not correspond to the goal of the study.D. Integration of Meaning Units: The extended meaning units can be divided on the basis of logical and contextual relations to the questions used.E.

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Articulating the Meaning Units: In this categorization process, themes and categories are articulated in a more direct theoretical language.F. The Situated Meaning Structure: The meaning units are retold in a third person objective point of view by the researcher who is not involved in the story itself, and cannot know participant’s thoughts, but only their words.G. The Essence of the Experience of Good Supervision: It is important that supervisors demonstrate certain interpersonal qualities that compliment their theoretical knowledge, practical interventions, and experience base.

With the creation of a facilitative supervisory relationship, a supervisor will be attuned to opportunities to intervene strategically with trainees to meet their unique supervisory needs.


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