(M2 it can handle hundred mbps of data

(M2 explain why particular transmission method are chosen in particular situations)Coaxial transmission:Coaxial is an electric cable. Coaxial transmission is used to transmit electricity to radio frequency signals and another type would be is that it would allow the person to watch tv on other end. Coaxial wires are used for things such as radio for audio.

This type of cable are used in situations such as broadcasting this is because off visual purposes and etc. Optical Fibre transmission:Optical fibre cable is used for situations such as transmitting text or messages that would be converted into light waves to do its job. This is used for a quick speed of communication and to carry out signals better then general copper method. Also, it uses pulses of light (energy)to transfer signals and information in the speed of twenty times quicker than fifty mbps this is the main reason why they use this cable for transmitting information from one end to another end.Unshielded twisted pair transmission:This cable is mainly used in telecommunication and computer industry. This is used for computer industry this is because it can handle hundred mbps of data also it is less expensive and less mass.

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In addition , this cable is used in computer situation because of it has a quality of flexibility and it width is thin so it’s able to fit through small holes in computer purposes. Shielded twisted pair transmission:This cable is used for situation such as electricity loss because it has a thick rubber insulator that protects the electricity from escaping. This is because it would allow the data to transfer as fast as possible. In addition, telephone businesses use a lot of these cable for their telephones. Because it would less risk and dangerous to use then the unshielded cable. Infrared transmission: This type of cable is used for tv, radio, tv remote and other home electronics. They produce waves that allow to transfer files to one device to another device.

Furthermore, also it is used for short range communication in between two electronics such as in between mobiles and etc.Radio transmission:Radio is used in situations of affordable data transmit and it can transfer data without any cables or wires connected to the radio also, it can travel a far distance because no wire or cable needed. This transmission allows one antenna in both sides to access data or information to pass through long distance. Microwave transmission:This transmission method is used in situation of cable or wire because it needs line of sight to access properly.

It would need two devices (frequencies) to do two-way communication . This transmission allows one antenna in both sides to access data or information to pass through satellite sources and mobile networks easily because mobile networks mostly use microwave .Satellite transmission: This type of transmission can be used in any situation such as broadcasting live around the world because it can travel in any part of earth because it allows energy to pass through from really far distance with an unobstructed requirement .I t also has the eligibility to orbit around earth’s surface in outer space that mean it is needed in emergency situations.


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