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The Inuit Culture The Inuits were very fascinating group of people who lived in the the upper part of Northern America what we know Barrow, Canada today. The Inuits were very cultured, very smart people and lived very peaceful. The Inuits were very cultured and believed in their beliefs heavily. The inuits’ beliefs was a form of animism, which was said that every object and living thing have a spirit. The belief is that all things happen though the involvement of some spirit.

They believed that the spirits could control them and their lives, but they also thought that the spirits could be controlled by magical charms and talismans. They were also polytheism, which they believed in many gods and goddess. Some of their gods and goddess would include Agloolik the god of ice, Aipalovik the god of hunting, and Akna the goddess of birth.The Inuits could survive in the cold in Canada because they were survivalist. They were very smart when it came to surviving. They Invented many things to help them survive in the freezing temperature. They were one of the first to kill animals and take they furs of the animals to make sweaters. They also invented the first model of double sided paddles to row faster.

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They needed to row faster to hunt in their boats, they would hunt whales, seals, fish, and walrus. That’s how they survived.The Inuits were peaceful people who tried their best to avoid any type of trouble. They also lived in the cold so there was no one kinda around. The Inuits could really keep to themselves and relax. That’s one of the reasons they invented so many things because they had so much time to them selfies.

I really do believe this is one of the biggest reasons they survived in the freezing cold is because they time to themselves. With that time they could made inventions to help them survive. The Inuits were hands down one of the best Native American groups ever to live. They were cultured, smart, and prosperous. Those were the Inuits.Cites


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