(The cited that a student’s right to

(The Ministry of Education, 2011) in its manual cited that a student’s right to live without violence is compromised when harsh punishment is meted out to them.The use of Corporal Punishment also teaches children that it is acceptable to use violence to solve their problems (Garwood, 2015). As the saying “violence begets violence.” Therefore children/students are cultured to think that there are no other means of solving their problems than to resort to violence.

This culture is wrong as we are now seeing that in our Jamaican society, crime and violence is at an all-time high where students are injuring each other stemming from minor altercations. This is what they have grown to see I do something I get a proper flogging, so if some does them any harm a beat down is sure to follow. Our students these days are battered and arrogant and is proven by (UNICEF, 2014) when it was stated that physical violence is the leading cause of injury and death among children. Parent, guardian , class teacher or administrator may not have meant injure or cause the death of any child but when the situation presents itself they may beat the “holy hell” out of that child on the premise that they are trying to correct the child’s maladaptive ways only to hear the child sustained serious injury and was taken to the hospital to be treated or the child was died of an unknown illness. But only if that individual did not unleash their wrath on the child this situation would have never occurred.

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