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8 Reasons Why You Must Use Drupal For Your EnterpriseIntroduction (H4)As an entrepreneur, you need a reliable, secure, and flexible platform to build your business on. Not only scalable it should be future-proof to sustain the content without hampering the performance of your website. Leaders worldwide are using the power of open source to innovate their platforms and improve their business statistics.

Selecting the right technology means working on the solutions that will support an active and growing business over the long-haul. Therefore, it requires careful consideration and foresight, when choosing the CMS for your enterprise.Used 7 times the number of top sites as its next two competitors combined (Builtwith.com), Drupal is the top choice for businesses across the world.

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Fulfilling the business requirements as well meeting the technical aspects of it, Drupal gives you the solution for your new startup as well for the one that is growing rapidly. But What Is An Enterprise? (H4)An oft-repeated word in the world of business, “enterprise” covers organizations of all shapes and sizes. All such businesses cover individual organizational units with a distinct need to build their firm with a unique identity and reputation of its own kind. Even though the meaning may vary considerably, when it comes to web development and technology, an enterprise website requires a particular set of abilities such as, accommodating larger and varied content base, handle traffic, microsites, and of course provide tight security. As one of the popular CMS with over a decade’s experience, Drupal is steadily garnering the attention from even the largest of firms like —.Who Uses Drupal For Their Enterprise? (H4)Fostering billion dollar businesses under the aegis of its brand, Drupal is powering major enterprises. A quick look at its enterprise clients like Puma Tesla Motors Grammy PfizerTimex The Economist Whole Food Honda (Brazil)Johnson and JohnsonShoretelLOreal (India)And a million more should give enough credentials to its experience.

Knowing that enterprise solutions often demand complex requirements, Drupal has it sorted for you. Why Drupal For Your Enterprise?Covering the enterprises using Drupal, below are some of the solid technical reasons which make Drupal an excellent candidate for enterprise of any scale and vertical. Let’s get through them:It is Easier To Build On Drupal Drupal doesn’t control your business, in fact it is the business which dictates what it needs from Drupal. Providing easy-to-set-up solutions with distribution, the development time is cut by half. Enabling companies to deploy core features and functionality rapidly, it allows easier customization asper their business requirements. It is easier to choose the layout and themes for your Drupal website as themes and appearances are just a click away.

With features simplified to make non-developers comfortable around Drupal, you can add and edit content easily with “Content”. Drupal is SecureUsed by hundreds and thousands of websites, Drupal’s core, codes, and passwords are repeatedly encrypted and hashed to strengthened the long life of websites using Drupal. Supported by experts, Drupal aficionados and a large and continuously growing community, it has a dedicated security team to patch any probable security violation. Frequent UpdatesIn case of any security update, the community ensures that you get notified the day patches are released. Security release “windows” are released every Wednesday for Drupal contributed projects, and (usually) third Wednesday of every month for Drupal core for a fixed period of time. https://www.drupal.

org/node/1173280 Even though ‘release window’ does not necessarily mean that a release will actually be made on that date, it exists so that site administrators can know in advance which days they should look out for a possible security release. Security ModulesIn addition to the proven security of core, numerous contributed modules can strengthen the security of your Drupal website. These modules extend the security by adding password complexity, login, and session controls, increasing cryptographic strength, and improving Drupal’ logging and auditing functions. For a detailed research on security-related Drupal modules, see 10 must have security modules.

Drupal Security Team and Working GroupThe security team works closely with the Drupal Security Working Group (SecWG), comprising dozens of experts from around the world to validate and respond to security issues, whose aim is to ensure that core and contributed project system provide world-class security and provide security practices to community developers. It’s core is designed to prevent any possible security breach. In fact there have only been 3 zero day vulnerabilities with Drupal in the past 10 years.

Drupal has proven to be a secure solution for enterprise needs and is used by high profile, critical websites already discussed above. Drupal is Scalable and FlexibleAnother salient feature that makes Drupal popular among businesses is – it is scalable. For web technology, enterprises require the ability to handle considerable traffic throughout – especially if it is a media and entertainment site.

Drupal is built with core web technologies which have stood both the test of time and traffic spike.Drupal’s ability to make the framework extensible via its modules and distributions is at the heart of much of its success. While it has enabled the core to sustain the bulk of the content, its way to streamline the demands of new industries by allowing them to address their needs in the form of custom modules and distributions has given it more satisfactory customer reviews.  One matter that address the worries of enterprises is the cost of maintenance. As part of open source community, Drupal gives its clients the power to control the features while not worrying about the cost. Many government and non-government organizations have migrated to Drupal to avoid the licensing and maintenance cost of the proprietary systems.

 Drupal supports Responsive Development and Performance OptimizationAccording to an official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. People want to be able to find answers as fast as possible and various studies have proved that people really do care about the loading speed. And that is why a recent Google release says that page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches from July 2018. It’s high time that you take the combination of performance and mobile responsiveness as a serious factor for the success of your popularity and generating revenue.  Drupal 8 is built for a mobile-first world.

Everything in Drupal 8 supports mobile responsive design. Its admin and default designs are responsive for both developers and content authors providing a responsive front-end theming framework.Increasing spread of web page opens the doors for a new marketing opportunity. And when users can view your Drupal website the same as on their desktop and smart devices you can rely on Drupal to generate more leads.

Mobile responsiveness helps you deliver the optimal mobile visitor experience. Drupal supports best responsive design practices and ensures that your users get a coherent experience anytime and every time.   Drupal supports Multi-site Functionalities Given that your organization is running more than one Drupal site, the maintenance and management would require big bucks and time. But with the multi-site feature you can share one single Drupal installation (which includes core code, contributed modules, and themes) among other several sites.

Enterprises, this way, can handle complex requirements from a single Drupal installation which implies that less time and resources are required to build your network of websites. One can manage any number of sites across their organization or brand, crossing geographies and campaigns from a single platform that allows swift and uncomplicated site creation and deployment.This is particularly useful for managing the core code since each upgrade only needs to be done once. While each site will have its own database and configuration settings to manage their own content, the sites would be sharing one code base and web document root.Multisite feature can be used for sites with same features and functionalities. But if you have different functionalities it is better to test each site independently. Drupal Is For Every EnterpriseRealizing the needs of every industry is different, Drupal has something for everyone.

Media and entertainmentEditing and Scalability: Media and entertainment websites worldwide use Drupal for their online platforms for seamless editing and scalability. Over one million organizations including The Economist, ET Online, MTV(UK), The Grammy, The Emmy, The Weather.com, The Beatles, and Warner Bros Music use Drupal.

Scalability is all about quantity – how many requests and amount of information you can handle at any given time without breaking or bending. Supporting some of the world’s most visited sites, Drupal is the other name of scalability.Allowing easy content editing and management, which media and entertainment websites look for, Drupal provides it all with WYSIWYG and CKEditor without another weighty feature.SaaSCommunity:SaaS enterprises are using Drupal to build the platform for their product as well as the community with which they can connect with their clients. It is easy to develop the platforms and then keep on adding the features in the later phase. Given that community platforms are one of the key needs of SaaS organizations which allow the domain for the prospects and help the product and community to grow alike, distributions like OpenSocial offer great help. Intel is one of the SaaS product using Drupal for its community platforms.

E-commerceE-commerce Functionalities: Providing easy payment gateway to conduct online transactions, Drupal ensures the customer information passes seamlessly and remains safe. Its core commerce payment module and distribution (Drupal commerce and Commerce KickStart) support the payment API, for a smooth payment collection procedure, through the check out form. Supporting Paypal Express Checkout and Paypal Credit along with Amazon Pay, it lets you reach a wider audience by letting your shoppers complete the payment and shipping information stored on their Amazon accounts.

Tour and travel Booking Engine:Providing two of the best booking solution for your website:EasyBooking – DistributionBAT – ModuleA complete solution for your vacation website, BAT allows you to build exclusive booking engine for a better customer relation management. And EasyBooking, gives a set of options to your visitors to make room reservations, contact hotel administration or just follow hotel’s newsletter to be aware of all special offers and discounts. FMCGTheming: A design which resonates with your brand, interests and engages with your visitors is what you should indulge your resources in developing.

It’s the psychological effect which drives the visitor to make a transaction or to explore provided possibilities throughout the interface. Every landing page matters.Regardless of your showcased products, Drupal themes provide sound navigation throughout the categories and sections with in-built hero banners’ section and pop-ups which are definitely customisable.Additional modules can be further used to build an industry-specific theme. In order to cope up with varied demands, it provides more than two thousand easy and free to use themes on the go.

Government and Non-GovernmentCost and Security:In 2012 when the Georgian government shifted to Drupal, the first reason to dump its previous CMS (Vignette) was its rising maintenance costs. Running a total of 65 state websites on two different versions of this proprietary system proved to be costly in the long run.Read in details why Drupal is the top choice for government agencies.Just like Georgian government, cost has been a significant factor affecting the choice of government and non-government agencies.  Another decisive factor for government websites, uncompromised security is why government organizations are opting for Drupal. Around 150 governments are using Drupal to power their websites. Higher EducationDistributions:To quickly build your higher education website, distributions provide an easy opportunity to build the website halving the development time and providing quick features.

Open Atrium and OpenEDU are two of the distributions used widely by the higher edu websites.Trusted by top international universities like Harvard, Brown, Yale, Pennsylvania, and Columbia, Drupal is most widely used CMS in the education sector. HealthCare and Life SciencesContent and User access control:Being a highly flexible platform, which Drupal is, it can conform to any workflow that can be programmed with just few configurations available. You can identify different types of content such as text, images, comments, file attachments, and other information on your website for easy content integration and management. Drupal As Enterprise Management SystemThe need for an intranet system cannot be emphasized enough. For your business to grow by leaps and bounds, it is necessary to establish clear communication within your organization, first and with the clients and visitors later.

As your business expands, the need for an intranet system which can help in storage and sharing of data increases. ECMS is different from the web content management system in the way that the former is specifically designed for enterprise websites and is more dynamic (in that aspect). Drupal allows to build ECMS in two ways, either by using Drupal modules and features or with the third party configuration.

Drupal’s integration capabilities help the website to serve as a central content management system integrating with other social media channels.Drupal Is Easier To ManageIn many cases it is the CMS platforms which forces the businesses to conform to their ways of doing things, you can use Drupal to create solutions that are specific to your needs.Drupal isn’t hard to use, but it can be hard to learn how to use. Even though it requires more technical experience it is capable of producing exceptionally advanced sites. There is a WYSIWYG editor and drag-and-drop functionality to ease out the process and help you start straight away.The release of Drupal 8 has made the platform easier to use even for non-developers(and it includes content authors). If you are planning to be part of Drupal community, you must know that you will be provided documentation and answer in case you get stuck. ConclusionWith the best technology in the market, Drupal gives your enterprise the best features with the flexibility to innovate the web.

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