–> without regard tobusiness unit’s needs. If the

–> Benefits of establishing an enterprise-wide architecture are:- Senior management will have a better overall picture of the business units and their systems.

– Cost savings from eliminating redundancy of internal customer service units along with savingsfrom every unit using the same systems and software.- Easier to collaborate and communicate between business units when everyone has access to acommon system.- By adding more application layers over the old systems, a spaghetti of systems is created.

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Tostart over with a strong foundation, on one enterprise strategy, will make every new process orsystem easier to implement.- Security can be more easily managed and updated with a centralized system.Costs and risks for the new system include:- The company may lose what the business units have already developed separately. Manyfunctions are currently good.- Training and implementing costs with the new system.- Business units and CIOs cannot build their own IT systems to suit their needs, which couldresult in processes that are complicated and inefficient.- Risk of “architecture police in an ivory tower” dictating systems and policies without regard tobusiness unit’s needs.If the system standards are not followed, or good governance policies are not implemented,both management and employees will have a hard time working in a large system


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