The the investigations that targeted parental involvement examined

The results of the present studycould offer useful implications for parents, language institutes, EFL teachersand instructors, EFL learners, researchers in the field of language teachingand learning, Ministry of Education, and others who are actively engaged inworking with parents to improve student achievement and learning.The upshots of the current studywill hopefully illuminate parents, teenage learners, teachers and managersattitudes toward parental involvement in English language education. Thefindings of this study can illuminate how and to what extent parents takeresponsibility for language learning of their children.  Additionally, teachers and managers canbenefit from the findings in that they can get familiar with the attitudes andsuggestions of parents on how best they expect to get involved with theirchildren’s language learning journey. It also underscores the cooperativenature of education, which is the most neglected issue in Iranian languageinstitutes.

In addition, the present study opens up a wide variety of methodsto approach effective parental involvement. Moreover, it provides insights forEFL teachers, institutes managers, and parents to lead the learners in waysthat influence learners’ improvement.The major issue that prompted thisstudy was the importance and effectiveness of parental involvement oneducational success. Parental involvement at schools absorbed lots of attentionand most of the investigations that targeted parental involvement examined therelationship between PI and educational success of students in public schools.Moreover, despite countless studies conducted on the role of parents instudents’ achievement, few have addressed four key stakeholders, namelyparents, teenage learners, teachers, and managers. These groups cooperation ineducation process is so much critical that it cannot be neglected. The presentstudy aims to consider parental involvement in their teenage children’s Englishlanguage education as the central focus. Additionally, taking into accountteachers and managers’ attitudes towards parents’ role provides sufficientjustification for its novelty and appropriateness.

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Above all, this study willmake a contribution to a topic that is under-explored in Iran.


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