Logistics a cost-effective and efficient way to

Logisticsmanagement is the part of supply chain that arranges, actualizes, and controlsthe proficient, powerful forward, and turns around stream and capacity ofmerchandise, administrations, and related data between the purpose of inceptionand the purpose of utilization with a specific end goal to meet client’srequirements (Waters, 2009).

An expert working in the field of logisticsadministration is known as a logistician. Thepurpose of the thesis is to provide some data to import football from Pakistanto Finland while keeping the cost low on transportation as it is the mostexpensive part of the business, by choosing the right selection of port andselecting the proper size of vehicle for transporting goods from ports to thedestination, to compete within the market with other similar products is byoffering the lower price and providing quality products. Theaim and of this thesis work is 1. Topresent a cost-effective and efficient way to import goods from Pakistan toFinland. 2. Selectionof suitable transportation system. 3.

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Comparisonbetween FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than a Container Load). 4.Selection of a logistics company.  Inorder to achieve the above objectives, I have divided the entire thesis indifferent successive topics, which are Introduction (Background of the study);Logistics and supply chain management, and import and export procedures.

In the beginning I have given the foundation of the study andstrategy used to accomplish the task. In a similar way the different activitiesof supply chain management and logistics from receiving of raw materials tofinal customer. It also gives a brief idea on various (cost effective) possiblemodes and ways of importing goods from foreign manufacturer. Under the topic oflogistics and supply chain management I have also explained differentpossibilities on how cost 3can be reducedin terms of FCL and LCL along with effective management system of warehouse 


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