?Introduction career and current position? In the field

?Introduction Call centre provides services to the customer via online. We provide technical support to the customers all around the world. The people who are juggling daily between different technical terms and what do they mean get benefited from this service. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. What do you like about your career and current position?In the field of the call centre, you can make great friends.

You can earn good money without any formal qualifications You develop valuable skills which are transferable if you want to pursue any other job later on. What kind of experience/ previous knowledge people need to do your job wellPeople need to have – positive and energetic attitude- it may help you deal with different customers. This motivates us to work more passionately. It’ll help to completely satisfy them whatever the query. And leave them with a smiling face in the end because they got what they needed to know. Also using a positive language will reflect confidence which in turn assures the customer that the problem will be rectified and he remains loyal towards the company as well. Good listening skills – a person needs to be a good listener first for the communication to take place. In our field, first, listen to what customers had to say about their problem and then provide them with a solution.

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We try to engage them with us rather than just cutting them down. You may also have a script in your hand to read from, but in the end, you have to add up your own ideas to engage with the customer better, Multi-tasking ability- the person should be able to solve complex customer issues to provide an instant solution rather than hanging up on them. If you’re on a call while eating lunch and text messaging your friend – all at once – then you should be cool juggling multiple tasks at work.Problem-solving capabilities- you will need to think fast and be creative to solve complex customer issues.Computer knowledge – an agent should have basic knowledge of computer such as – excel, word, current software etc. Patience. –it helps you to deal with different customers. When a customer calls, he might be frustrated or in need of help.

so, instead of reacting negatively to that customer first listen to him thoroughly and then provide a solution calmly keeping in mind that the customer doesn’t possess the technical knowledge to solve an issue as do we have. Timeliness. – it is very important in handling customers. Agents should be fast enough to answer the queries and also juggle between different calls. He should be able to prioritize the call which needs more attention. Callbacks should be done if the customer hangs or not reached. Knowledge about products and services- you should have the knowledge of what work you are doing and what types of equipment and software you are working with.

After proper training to understand the work, the agents should be given promotional sales as well as kept updated about the current demands in the market. Organization. – an agent must be organized to handle different tasks to deliver timely service. He should be able to juggle between the database and other important aspects. A proper organization is of great importance in delivering great service, Extra efforts. If an agent does an extra effort on his part, then they are really appreciated by the customers like contacting another department, a timely solution, instant service at doors. This is really beneficial for business as it maintains its loyal customers What would be the two most important pieces of advice for a college student who may want to pursue this career path?Dow what you love and Have passion and interest for it. If you have an interest in what you are doing, you will definitely get success in that field.

Don’t be scared of failure, just work hard, success will follow you. How else can I learn more about what careers may be best for me to pursue?First, see what excites and energises you, then you need to assess yourself in terms of – values, skills, interest and aptitudes. Then keep in mind what you are good at You can also Try an internship program for the field you are interested in.Find a good mentor under whom you can work. Get counselling from a renowned counsellor regarding the best careerAsk other people by conducting interviews with them.

They can provide first-hand knowledge of the carers you are interested in. Make a strategic plan of your carer of what to achieve and how to achieve Be prepared for miles of stones to jump instead of a linear path Ask people who are in that profession what did they do to reach there.Analyse two themes that came out of the interview, using specific course concepts (e.g. – motivation, the importance of leadership)Two themes which could be derived from the interview are – flexibility and effective communication skills. Flexibility- Flexibility is important for a person who wants to go into this field.

You should be able to be adaptable to changing situations. Since you will be handling dozens of calls, you may come across different personalities – some of them could be talkative, some might be angry or others might be not interested. They should be able to handle them and engage them in the conversation. They should be able to work some challenging hours like on vacation or nights or maybe weekends to test their flexibility. You should be able to handle possible technical issues, switching to other channels.

You should have the readiness to adopt with the flow of change, rather than stuck at just one call.Effective Communication SkillsA call centre agent’s job is to communicate with callers, therefore, they should have HYPERLINK “https://www.talkdesk.com/blog/10-tips-for-call-center-etiquette-excellence-2/” “_blank” top-notch communication skills.

An effective communication doesn’t just mean speaking it also involves listening to the caller, digesting the information and conveying a solution quickly and effectively. The agent should speak clearly, using basic vocabulary. You should attentively listen to the caller’s problem to show them that how much you value their opinions and ideas and then offering them a better solution.

Also, the customers value their time, so the conversation should be to the point. But the agents should not forget about the human touch that is needed in a conversation, also ignore small talks as it will lose your customer. Conclusion Hence from the above interview, it can be concluded that a call centre line is a good option for people who want to earn good money by giving their time for the satisfaction of the customers. In this career field, you can learn various skills which can be used in future, like – communication skills, time management, patience etc.


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