. Healthy life style, exercise is my all day work and I want to share this to all with people, when I started cooking I don’t know how to cook except some regular salads and drinks but as I started to look into deep I learned the logics and combinations of ingredients, things become easy and effortless, by practicing and cooking for family and friends for once in a day make me more perfectionist. I have tried to share those recipes which are easy to make and help you get in to the kitchen and enhance your learning skills.
I hope that this book will give you everyday basic but amazingly healthy and amazing recipes and techniques. I have added as many recipes as I can so you can easily practice them every day and get your self confidence.
This book is not only for those who regularly cook food , but this is for all kind of people working man/ women, students, grandparents , children , teenagers who want to do something special for their loved one. It includes simple healthy drinks to complex desserts, from formal dinners to romantic dinner. All the reader will get the tips and tricks and life hacks for making cooking more fun and enjoyable. The best thing to celebrate anything with friends and family is sharing a meal.
This book won’t bind to just follow the exact recipes and ingredients it will help you create your own style and your menu will be your own thoughts. I can understand the regular pantry we have in our house. I tried to use them to make a cookbook that helps you in your budget, health and time saving.
I am not fond of expensive machinery and appliances, so I would like that such pieces which work for the lifetime like your chef knife, sauce pan, skillet, and a pot, basic jars, spatula, baking sheet. These are such cooking essential that everybody has in its home, and these are the real assets of the kitchen
I will be very Thankful for being so supporting to me from my all journey to write this book. It takes a lot of efforts and time to make something more exciting and delicious recipes that make your kitchen complete. I would like to say that I will continue to work on this, I will be writing such easy and healthy cookbooks on the queue. Hopefully you will find it best for yourself and let me know about your reviews and suggestion. So for me it will be better to make improvement.


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