The line when it comes to war.

The army are heavily involved inthe impact of war and conflict; they are the ones in the firing line when itcomes to war. If war was declared on the UK today, all forces; Royal Marines,RAF, Army and the Navy would be the ones to fight for this country.

The impactupon them would be, they would be the ones fighting, the ones protecting theBritish public, the ones who would have to plan all attacks and counter attacksand the ones who would have to provide food, shelter, water and clothing to thepeople who need it most around the UK.Effects of conflict on UKuniformed public servicesThe role that the British publicservices play in these conflicts is not always the same. This means that theeffects on service personnel will vary from one type of involvement to another.T. It is also important to remember that involvement in some of the conflictsmentioned is not only the job of the armed services. During the Hong Kong riotsof 1966 and 1967 there were many British police officers serving as part of theHong Kong police force.

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Similarly, the situation in Northern Ireland hastremendous implications for all of those involved in any public service,including people such as postal workers who were targets at one point in thetroubles. UK police officers are also present in Iraq, training a new Iraqipolice force.


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