?Princess “Phenomenal Woman”. The theme of the poem

?Princess BellamyProfessor JohnsonEnglish 1102October 20, 2018 Poetry EssayThe Theme of the poem “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou explains to readers how it is very important to be happy with who you are. A theme is a central dominant idea of a piece of literature, made by the details and emphasis in the work itself.

Maya Angelou explains in her poem to readers being a “Phenomenal Woman” consist of accepting who you are, how the way you look, and how you should see yourself. Maya Angelou wants readers to be confident with yourself/body, you do not have to be a supermodel to consider yourself as beautiful because with/without the title you are still a “Phenomenal Woman”. The theme of the poem “Phenomenal Woman” is no matter how you may see yourself you are always considered beautiful, always have confidence in yourself/body and remember to never change yourself for other people. In the poem “Phenomenal Woman” Maya Angelou encourages women to accept who they are, she not only tells readers to be confident in themselves- in fact in the poem she embraces her inner strength to readers… “I am a woman phenomenally.

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Phenomenal woman yea that’s me”. “Phenomenal Woman” celebrates feminism while highlighting the traits necessary for a woman to become ‘phenomenal’, being phenomenal does not have anything to do with how astonishing you look but it is how you carry yourself. Maya Angelou believes that it is not the outer beauty of a person, but it is the inner which makes each woman phenomenal.

How a woman presents herself is very important to how others will perceive her character, it is a woman’s inner strength which makes her beautiful inside and out. Phenomenal is defined as very remarkable; extraordinary, that everyone woman falls into the category of because of her self-loving, strength, and confidence.The poem “Phenomenal Woman” was written by Maya Angelou in 1978 and published n 1995. “Phenomenal Woman” is an anthem of a woman’s inner strength in womanhood, it tells readers how the inner beauty makes a woman well respected by others (how she sees and carry herself). Maya Angelou states in her poem that men cannot touch her “inner mystery” which she implies that there is a beauty of magic in a woman that men are incapable of understanding. At the beginning of the poem Maya states “pretty woman wonders where my secret lies I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size.

..but when I start to tell them they think I’m telling lies, the interpretation of her “secret” is referring to her mesmerizing charm even if she does not fit into the societal ideals of how a woman should look. In the poem “Phenomenal Woman” the speaker begins to discuss to readers body image and how she sees herself as not “cute” while demonstrating the idea of being a woman (not about looks). The speaker does not revolve her poem around a woman’s physical trait but instead explains how it is a woman carries herself and uses the personality she was born with to enlighten others.”Phenomenal Woman” is a poem that was written based on Maya Angelou’s experiences over the years. The theme in the poem explains to a woman no matter how you may feel about yourself always have confidence that no one can take away.

“Phenomenal Woman” is about women who fight against society’s stereotypical idea of what a woman should look, or act like by not acknowledging regret about herself. I am a “Phenomenal Woman” yea that’s me! Coming from a single mom of three individuals can tell by the way I carry myself and the trials I endure, the smile on my face despite the pain inside I keep on pushing because of the phenomenal person in me I cannot hide. The poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ is filled with such great devotion and self-love while leaving a tremendous impact on women today. The poem explores confidence and conveys to the audience that it is not outer beauty of a woman, but it is the inner beauty which makes each woman beautiful in her very own way. Maya Angelou disapproves the distorted view of beauty, which emphasizes more on the outer beauty than the inner, Maya also argues that true beauty lies within which makes a woman phenomenal.


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