From the world?Venezuela is suffering the worst economic

From Simon Bolivar to MaduroThere was a time, were Venezuela was one of the richest countries in the world, and wasunited and organized, all of this during the time when Simon bolivar was in rule ofBolivia, after that, Bolivia lost its order and went down the hill, with they’re economy,food provide, and corruption, and that keep us all wondering, how did Venezuelabecame one of the poorest countries in the world?Venezuela is suffering the worst economic crisis in its history. Ordinary people in the oil-richcountry are regularly going without food. By IMF figures, it has the world’s worstnegative growth rate (-8%), and the worst inflation rate (482%).

Venezuela’s economyis going down hill and affecting its population because of high taxes and other causes,the unemployment rate is 17% but is expected to climb to near 30% in the coming fewyears.The state has tried to ration basic foodstuffs and set their prices, but the consequence is theyhave simply disappeared from the shops into the black market. The necessity of food isone of the biggest problems here, the opposition says the direct distribution of foodhas been politicized by being channeled through local committees run by Maduro’sUnited Socialist Party of Venezuela.Corruption in Venezuela is high by world standards and is prevalent throughout many levels ofVenezuela's society. In the case of Venezuela, the discovery of oil in the earlytwentieth century has worsened political corruption.

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The government has takenadvantage on how big is the amount of oil that lives in Venezuelan lands to raiseprices. Transparency International's 2016 Corruption Perception Index ranks thecountry 166th place out of 176 countries.It’s a fact that all of these events are due to Maduro’s government and they’re abuse of power,the damage that has been done to Venezuela is way too big to be healed too soon, butthere are ways to start little by little and getting better, by giving the community thechance to choose they’re leaders whom they’ll feel safe


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