5105400-7905751013CCJ APA6. You may have either a reference

5105400-7905751013CCJ Introduction to Criminology and Criminal JusticeGriffith College Trimester 1 2018 M. MahoneyTake Home Exam In what ways does the media misrepresent the nature of crime?Violent crime can be a source of concern in society, but is it the most frequently occurring type of crime?Is the risk of being a victim of violent crime evenly distributed throughout society?The TaskYou must answer two of the three questions provided above.

Write approximately a 750 word response to each question. Your total word count should be 1500 words.Your take home exam will be due Tuesday of Week 7 (24th April) by 10:00pm to the submission point on our Course Profile page.General InformationThe +/-10% rule applies to the word count.Remember that this is to be considered an exam—you may not work together in groups for your answers, nor may you email the instructor with a draft to peruse. You may email the instructor if you do not know what a question means or what a specific word means, but she will not be able to tell you how to approach the answer.Answers are to be in essay format. That is, they are to have a brief introduction, be written in paragraphs addressing each element of the question and have a brief conclusion.

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(In relation to the introduction and conclusion ‘brief’ means approximately 2-4 sentences) Referencing is to be strictly APA6.You may have either a reference list for each answer, or one reference list covering both answers.Your take home exam responses MUST be in one document, the first page of which is to be a title page containing: the assessment task title (ie. ‘Take Home Exam’), your name and student number, the course name and course code, and the due date.

Assessment guidelines provide that: each page is to be numbered, 12pt font size, font is to be either Arial or New Times Roman, line spacing is to be double, margins are to be 2.54 cm (‘normal’ setting in Microsoft Word), reference list is to be commenced on a new page which is headed ‘References’.As a general guide you should have a minimum of 5 references. It is possible to pass this assessment item utilising only the required and recommended course readings. However, students who go outside of those readings by including other appropriate academic sources will be rewarded.


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