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5 Tips To Save Money when Buying NFL TicketsThe most popular sport in America is football so to get a ticket can hit your wallet pretty seriously. If you follow some of these buying tips you will have the tools to find the best deals to see your favorite NFL team.Tip one: wait a few days before the game to buy ticketsJust like food has an expiration date, ticket prices also drop as the days get close to the event and sellers try to offload them. There is typically less inventory to choose from but the tickets still remain at a discounted price. In the case of the Chicago Bears the average ticket resold for $249.03 weeks out from the game but the same ticket became $195.

03 days before the game. That is a savings of 22%.Tip two: check out the opponentIf you only want to see the local team play, keep a close eye on the schedule and prices do vary when it depends on whom they are playing as the opposing team. Teams with large national followings like the Cowboys and Steelers and teams that are successful like the Seahawks and Patriots drive up the prices more than teams that have struggled. You can look for a great deal when they play opponents such as the Buccaneers, Browns, Rams and Jaguars.Tip three: compare tickets by value instead of priceIf you are working on a shoestring budget and you’re looking to find the cheapest possible ticket that just gets you in the door that is one thing. But if you can afford to spend a little extra you should look for the best value.

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A fan can find tickets that cost $10 more but sometimes they are 20 rows closer to the field. Or you may buy tickets in the end zone but for $10 more you can sit along the sideline near midfield. Look for green dots on a map, which signifies usually a great value.Tip four: see where you sitWhen you look at seat views, you don’t have to guess what you will see from your seat you actually get to see the actual image of the view. You can compare all different sections and find the angle that you think is best.Tip five: make sure to buy from a legitimate sourceTo not be the victim of a ticket scam you should make sure your purchase is from a legitimate source. They should have guarantees that come along with the purchase of a ticket.

That way you make sure in a very small chance that the ticket doesn’t work he was the buyer will be compensated accordingly.


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