438150-40005000 Sleep is defined as a natural condition

The Effects of Sleep on The Health of Students
Munirah W. Alkhaldi201502661
COMM1312: Writing and Research
Section: 205
Instructor: Carmen Winkel  
Assignment #3: Introduction
Sleep is defined as a natural condition that helps the body’s muscles to relax. The movements of the body are less relaxed and the feeling of the environment is a kind of change of consciousness, not a loss, a natural phenomenon that is periodically performed to stimulate the brain and the vital processes that occur in the human body (Kleitman, 1963).

Studies have found that those who do not have enough sleep from teenagers often have health problems physical and psychological. In addition, high risk of road accidents and a decline in educational performance, but it has become increasingly difficult for adolescents to get enough sleep, as their biological clock is programmed to sleep after 11 PM. On the other hand, why do not adolescents get enough sleep? There are many reasons for the lack of sleep among adolescents, between school assignments, extracurricular activities, the work of some students after the end of school hours, and to using technology that keeps them awake all night such as television and smart phones. Siesta and caffeine may be one of the reasons that reduce the number of hours of sleep in teenagers!
Background Information
Sleep Disorder is a situation in which one finds it difficult to sleep or to sleep intermittently, or to prevent sleep deliberately by someone else. Causes of sleep disorder may be from many sources in human life, such as mental illness or the use of certain drugs or drugs. Sleep has many effects on the human body such as; Obesity, diabetes, and inability to focus and lead to poor memory (Boyse, 2010).

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Thesis Statement
Sleep deprivation adversely affects the brain and cognitive function and causes fatigue, memory lapses and daytime sleepiness which make the students unable to focus during class discussions most especially to examinations.

Outline (informal)
The Effects of Sleep on The Health of Students
Body 1: How does lack of sleep effects the body?
Body 2: What are effects of lack of sleep?
Body 3: Why do we need deep sleep?


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