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Progress Report2:
” Project management system”
Student name: Shamsa Abdulla
ID: 201401075
Project management system is a project which aims in developing a computerized system to review the senior student’s project and sending the feedback about the project. This project has many features which are generally not available in normal project management systems like facility of user login and a facility of teacher’s login. It also has a facility of admin login through which the admin can monitor the whole system. It also has facility of an online notice board where teachers can student can put up information about workshops or seminars being held in our colleges or nearby colleges after proper verification from the concerned institution organizing the seminar can add it to the notice board. It has also a facility where student after logging in their accounts can see list of projects which it’s upload by instructor and they can put their own comments about the specific project. The instructor can able to see this comments and instructor can able to reply for the specific comments. There are two types of user privilege have been explained in this system. One is student access, this student must be registered when they meet the system first. On the other hand, Instructor access, this instructor can upload the created project to the system which it can be done by them or any outside project.
So, this system is very useful to expose the project which it’s done by specific instructor and student can be able to learn and to know more about the particular project. It is highly helpful to express the ideas of each student who review the particular project. Each instructor can upload their own project and they can modify at anytime.
This system will maintain and keep the details and data’s of many projects which it’s upload by the instructor. The instructor can able to see the remarks of their own project, it will be motivated for them to update the new project status.
The project aims and objectives that will be achieved after completion of this detailed report. The aims and objectives are as follows:
Upload the Project by instructor
Students review the project’s details and it’s functionality
Students are putting the comments about the particular projects
Instructors are watching the comments which it’s put by students.

Instructor will give the reply for the comments.

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Instructors have separate privilege to upload the projects
Students have separate privilege to see the project’s functionality.
Project management system is a website which refers to project systems which are generally small or medium in size. It is used by Instructor to manage the existing projects using a computerized system where he/she can record various project details and its functionality. Student maintenance modules are also included in this system which would keep track of the students using the project and also a detailed description about the project.

It will discuss and analyze about the developing process of project management system including software requirement specification (SRS) and comparison between existing and proposed system. The functional and non functional requirements are included in SRS part to provide complete description and overview of system requirement before the developing process is carried out. Besides that, existing vs proposed provides a view of how the proposed system will be more efficient than the existing one.

Software Requirement Specification
Project management system is a computerized system which helps user (instructor) to manage the project daily activity in electronic format. It reduces the risk to expose the functionality of project details it work such as file lost, file damaged and time consuming. It can help user to manage the comments or other data’s more effectively and timesaving.
Improvement in control and performance the system is developed to cope up with the current issues and problems of Existing Project functionality. The system can add user, validate user and is also bug free. Save cost
After computerized system is implemented less human force will be required to maintain the Projects thus reducing the overall cost. Save time.
Instructor have a facility to upload lectures notes in a pdf file having size not more than 10mb.
19050438150UML(Unified Modelling Language)
Here we are mentioning two users, one is student and another one instructor.

Each user has his own username and password to login.

Instructor can add the finished projects functionality and update the existing project functionality.

Instructor can add the comments and update the existing comments.

Student can able to view the comments and students can able to view the project functionality.
DFD(Data Flow Diagram)
Students are going to login to the system.

Then they can view the projects which it’s uploaded by instructor.

Students can enter their own comments about the particular projects.

Instructor can able to login to the system.

They can add the new projects details and functionality to the system.

Instructor can view the comments which it’s written by students.

Instructor can able to add and update their own status ac comments.


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